Fashion Myths Debunked

In fashion, as with everything else, there are do’s and don’ts. But if you are one adventurous spirit, you can go out of the usual way – and bend some rules. Get a unique look – and earn the respect of many – by proving these fashion myths debunked.

Horizontal Stripes

When it comes to fashion myths debunked, horizontal stripes remain on top of the list. That’s because many women feel it to be ‘fattening.’ This is not the case, however. You can wear horizontal stripes – and still look sexy – by choosing thin lines in the slimming color of black, of course!

sexy striped dress

striped dress

Dress Over Pants

Of all the fashion myths debunked, the dress over pants proves to be memorable for most. That’s because it was a fad during the 90’s. But before you swear this attire off, know that you can succeed with this pairing. It’s a matter of choosing sleek, skinny pants, and topping it off with a flowy, voluminous dress.

black dress over pants long dress over pants

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim is deemed tacky for most, but you can rock this look as long as you know how to wear it well. For these fashion myths debunked, it’s all about adding dimension to your outfit. Complete your style with a sleek coat and sexy heels for a denim on denim outfit that’s worthy of the center stage.

denim on denim with blue blazer blazer with denim top and pants

Sparkle for Daytime

It was once said that everything sparkly should be reserved for nighttime. This article on fashion myths debunked, however, suggest the opposite. Yes, you can take your beaded or sequined garments for day dates or mall strolls – as long as you pair them with relaxed attires. Remember, fashion is all about balancing your looks!

sparkly skirt sparkly top

Gym Wear at Nighttime

Gym wear is undoubtedly comfortable, and I won’t be surprised if you spend most of your days in athletic wear. However, fashion myths debunked that it’s no longer reserved for daytime looks, as you can sashay in them during nighttime events as well. It’s all about staying on the slim or fitted side of things. Most importantly, pair your gym wear with luxe accessories for a stylish yet sporty look.

black athletic outfit athletic outfit sexy gym wear

Black Stockings + White Shoes

Most of us go with neutral hose that’s because it’s easy to pair. But if you want to go out of your comfort zone – and prove that you can go with these fashion myths debunked – then venture out in a black pantyhose and white shoes. This is extremely helpful if you want to add some edge to your graphic or monochromatic outfit.

black tights and white shoesblack tights and white shoes

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