Fashion Haul – Ready for Spring and Summer

Fashion Haul – Ready for Spring and Summer

Happy Sunday!
A couple of days ago I received a package in the mail full of clothes that I had ordered from Body Central (
I got their magazine in the mail and as I was browsing through it, I thought these would be absolutely perfect clothes for Spring and Summer, and even a few things that I could take on my honeymoon.
I purchased all of these things, I have absolutely no affiliation with Body Central, of course!
Let’s get to the haul!
I actually tricked you, this first item is from Target! Please ignore the little blurb that was on my lens while taking these pictures, it seems to have blurred some sections of the photo a little bit, I need to clean it!
This is a light silk dress with a really fun almost tribal design all over it. It has a unique neckline, almost a sweetheart, but it has the little piece in between it which makes it very cute and flattering. I purchased this at Target for around $20, I don’t remember the exact price, but I believe you can find it there now on the 30% clearance racks!
Fashion-Haul2 Fashion-Haul3
Now beginning with one of my most favorite pieces that I ordered from Body Central, and that is this Maxi Dress! I absolutely love the pattern, the length, the shape, everything. It is so flattering on, and it just is so bright and fun. I love that it’s a strapless sweetheart neckline, I think that is just perfect for summer, and this print SCREAMS beach!
If you are interested, this is called the “Island Girl Halter Maxi Dress” (because you can tie the strings around your neck if you’d like) and it’s in a size small – this was $34.90.
Fashion-Haul4 Fashion-Haul5

This is another one of my favorite pieces, just because I’ve always loved these crocheted tops. This particular one is a little bit more durable, I know some of them can easily be tugged on and fragile. It’s very open however, so you do need to wear something under this. I think that it would look so adorable with a white cami underneath and some really chunky bangles/watches to accessorize.
This is called the “Crocheted Crop Top” and it is in a size Small/Medium (it’s available in Medium/Large as well), and it was $24.90.
Fashion-Haul6 Fashion-Haul7
One of the more fun items in the haul, is this shockingly bright neon orange tank top. These are really great for layering, as well as just wearing on their own in the summer. I wanted some more tank tops in fun colors to wear at the beach, so this is perfect. I purchased this exact same one in the color white as well, just to have as a staple layering piece.
These tops are rather unique because they are one size fits all. Which I find a little hard to believe. They are made from spandex so they are very stretchy, but I don’t see them being suitable to fit a wide variety of body types.
The two tanks I chose were in Neon Orange and White. They are called the “Basic Ribbed Tanks” in one size fits all, and were $7.90 each.

This next piece is a bit too out of my comfort zone, but I’m going to wear it to suit my taste! It’s a very cropped light weight shirt. When I say very cropped, I mean if I raise my arms up high enough, you are going to see one part of me that I’d rather you not see, and I’m not talking about my stomach!
I plan to wear this as a little coverup over my swim suit or with a black tank underneath. This doesn’t seem too durable, I already noticed it had a tiny hole in the back of it, so I’m not sure, I might need to exchange it, or have Eric fix it up for me!
This is called the “Leopard Print Off-The Shoulder Crop Top” and it’s a size Medium for $14.80.
Fashion-Haul10 Fashion-Haul11
I wanted to get a couple of nicer dresses to have for various occasions, that were also warm-weather appropriate, and I figured this red and black dress would be great to wear if we went out to a nice restaurant during our honeymoon. It’s a simple dress, but the neckline has a couple of layers of ruffles that really just add a little something special. The tighter wide neckline is really flattering for the twins 😉
This dress comes to a little over the knee, so I would wear this with a pair of black pumps, or even some nicer black wedges.
This dress is called the “Ruffle 2-in-1 Dress” and it’s a size Medium (the bottom is bandage, so I suggest ordering a size up if you don’t like being too constricted), and it was $24.90.

 This is by far the most flattering piece that I purchased. This taupe tank top is just absolutely stunning on. It hugs you in all the right places, and the color pairs with my skin tone really well. I love the little ruffle detailing around the chest and down the spine, it just adds so much to the top, and makes it very fun and flirty. I hope that I don’t run into any issues with these clothes, because I have never ordered from them before I am not sure how they wash and wear, I just love everything I ordered so much!
This is the “Ruffle Racerback Tank” in Taupe, in a size Small, for $12.90.
I apologize for this unprofessional photo. I couldn’t exactly get a romper onto my mannequin (She has no legs… ha!). Anyway, this is an adorable leopard print romper, that has the ruffle detailing along the top and across the neckline.
It’s cinched at the waist, but I think I will be purchasing a chunky belt just to separate the pattern, sometimes a piece that has all one pattern can make you look a little stumpy if you don’t divide it up with a belt or another layer (like a blazer).
This is called the “Leopard Print One Shoulder Romper” in a size Medium (shorts are very short, so keep it in mind!), and it is $16.90.
Fashion-Haul15 Fashion-Haul16

I purchased two pairs of bottoms as well, and they are nothing too spectacular.
The white jeans are reminiscent of these white skinny jeans I found at Express, but half the price! They are extremely flattering, and when paired with that ruffly taupe tank, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I have that entire outfit planned out, accessories and all, so excited!
The white jeans are called the “Almost Famous Colored Skinny Jeans” in White, in a size 7, for $26.90.
The jean shorts are your basic jean shorts, just a simple staple summer piece!
The shorts are called the “Almost Famous Mid Length Cuffed Shorts” in a size 7, for $19.90.
Fashion Haul17
Then as another basic little extra, I picked up a couple more bandeau tops. These have the bra lining in the front which can make them a bit more flattering, sometimes bandeau tops tend to squish your chest and make you look flatter. I purchased them in black and white, because I already have a pretty coral one as well as an ivory one that I purchased last summer from Aerie.
These are called the “Bandeau Bra” in white and black, in a size small-medium, and were $7.50 a piece.
The size chart will explain to you what size to get if you are having trouble converting your bra size into a small/medium/large!
So that will be all!

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