Fashion Essentials for a Budding Street Star 

Although the London fashion week is drawing to a close, the Paris and Milan fashion weeks are right around the corner. So if you are interested in making a mark in any of these events in, then make sure to create an outfit with the following street star clothing staples:

Faux Fur

Unless you’re rich enough to own real fur street star clothing, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in some faux fur pieces. A plush coat or a lavish scarf made of faux fur will surely captivate the eyes (and lenses) of the fashion paparazzi.

green fur scarf

faux fur jacket

Rainbow-Colored Pieces

Many thanks to Valentino’s 2015 collection, you can expect many fashionistas to wear rainbow-colored street star clothing. Be just like these scene stealers by dressing yourself in vibrant hues and psychedelic shades. The more outlandish the shade, the better!
pink coat and printed pantsgraphic dress


Shearling is street star clothing that can keep you warm and stylish in the nippy fashion weeks. You don’t necessarily have to go all out with the shearling, as lined shoes and sweaters will be enough to captivate the eyes of many onlookers.

shearling jacket shearling coat

Stunning Sunglasses

If you want everybody to take a second look at you, then be sure to wear stunning sunglasses. These attention-grabbing sunnies, after all, are vital additions to your street star clothing.

printed sunglasses leopard sunnies

Socks with Heels

Street style stars are known for their spunk – as they are the only ones who can rock items that are deemed ‘unfashionable’ by some. So if you want to be known by this trademark, then wear socks with heels together with your street style clothing. The layering is an added bonus as well, since the temperatures in most fashion capitals are oftentimes nippy.

black socks and heels socks and sandals

Graphic Clutches

Glitzy and sophisticated clutches are now things of the past. If you want to become the press’ new fashion darling, then wear your street star clothing with a graphic clutch. Colorful purses with eye-catching graphic designs are great statement pieces – and carrying one will surely make you the darling of the crowd.

graphic clutch dollar clutch

Tousled Hair

Looking like an off-duty model is not just about wearing impeccable street style clothing, it’s about having a model-like attitude as well. Of course, the best way to do so is to sport tousled hair – as if you’ve just woken up looking as chic as you are.

fashion week messy hairstyle blonde tousled hair

You don’t have to be decked in expensive outfits to look like a budding street star. With confidence – and any of these street star clothing samples – you’ll surely become the darling of the fashion media.

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