Fall Trends for Every Body Type

Keeping up with the latest looks and trends can be a little tricky but it gets even harder when you don’t know what your body type is and how to choose flattering styles and silhouettes to dress it up. The problem with trends is that sometimes, not every single one that emerges is guaranteed to look great on everyone. If you’re not keen on following trends because of this dilemma, fret no more. Check out these fall trends for every body type that you can pull off easily, no matter what your shape is.

  • SIDE SLITS – side slits are subtle details that you can have on a top, a dress or a skirt. Unless I’s exaggeratedly bold, side slits are usually easy to pull off, no matter what your body type / shape is. In fact, side slits are very flattering as they make the legs look a bit longer and more slender.

side slit maxi dress

slitted skrit outfit

  • FLARED DENIM – if you’re looking for pants that will make your legs look instantly longer and you a few inches taller, go for flared jeans. Flared jeans are a refreshing break from the usual skinny jeans that we wear all the time. It is universally flattering so you don’t have to worry about not looking good in them.

flared jeans flared jeans and white top

  • PRINTED SET / JUMPSUIT – a printed jumpsuit is something all women should have, fall or not. It’s just a super easy outfit you can wear anytime you’re pressed for time and you still want to look chic and well put together. What’s even better about printed sets / jumpsuits is that they look good on everyone so you can rock it whatever your body shape is.

printed jumpsuit printed skirt and sweater set

  • BUTTON FRONT SKIRTS – for the girly girls out there, a front button skirt might be something you’d like to try sporting this fall. Denim skirts usually have this style but because front buttons were so warmly welcomed by girls in the fashion community, it has become a trend that can be seen on lots of other skirt styles, too. Go for a front button skirt with an a-line silhouette, if you can, for an extra flattering fit.

front button denim skirt front button suede skirt

  • MILITARY STYLE PARKA – besides being one of the trends coming back for fall this year, this piece is actually considered a staple for some. Military style parka jackets are super cute paired with just about anything. It can give your outfit a utilitarian vibe which is a great alternative to your usual everyday street style look.

parka jacket and striped shirt outfit parka jacket

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