Fall Nail Art Design Ideas

Nail art has come such a long way. Today, it seems like nails and the design on them have become part of every outfit, matching outfits that girls wear. If you’re a nail art junkie, you already probably have enough nail polish, lacquers and tools to use for every nail art design imaginable so now all you need is inspiration on what to adorn your nails with. if you’re looking for fall nail art design ideas that you can recreate at home, read on below. We’ve got you covered. If you still get your nail art done at the nail salon, you can also take inspiration from the photos we have below.

  • Stripes of autumn – need something simple and classic? Striped nail art always looks great, no matter what time of year it is. To give your nail art design a more autumnal look and feel, though, use colors that are usually associated with the season. Some of these colors include orange, maroon, taupe, black and all other earthy, warm hues.

pumpkin fall stripes

autumn stripes design

  • Black and orange combo – black and orange is a pretty popular color combo during fall, especially around Halloween. There are so many designs that you can make using just these two colors. Pumpkin carved designs, spider web graphics, autumn leaves against a black base – these are just some of the really popular black and orange design styles you’d see. You can also glam it up a little and use chunky orange glitter against a black base for a fab nail art look.

halloween fall nails black and orange glitter chunks

  • Geometric Art – got lots of colors you want to play with? Why not go with a really fun and sleek nail art design like a geometric design? You can achieve cleaner and straighter lines by using Scotch tape on your nails as guide. Use warm and earthy colors if you want to go all out on the fall look or use brighter and more fun colors to get a nice and cheery bit of summer on your nails.

blue and green geometric design geometric design graphic design nails

  • Fall leaves – if you want to get a little more graphic with your nail art design for the season, you’ll probably have a lot of fun drawing fall leaves on your nails. Of course, you’ll need thinner brushes to draw with but those can be easily found just about anywhere including your local drugstore and beauty supply shop.

glitter base and fall leaves ombre base and fall leaves

  • Studded base – for a really simple but elegant nail art design, go with a simple stud design by the base of your nails. You can paint your nails any color (try doing different colors on each nail, preferably in dark or jewel toned colors) and then add a golden stud at the base. If you don’t have a stud to glue on, you can simply use metallic nail polish and dot it on.

base studs double base stud nails glitter and studs


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