Fall Makeup Trends to Start Mastering

Fall is just a few weeks away and with that said, I’m pretty sure you’re already getting your fall wardrobe ready to go. Of course, with cute outfits should come gorgeous makeup looks. While saying goodbye to soft and girly pastel hues may be difficult, just do it and know that there are better and fiercer looks that are waiting in store for you this season. Check out these fall makeup trends to start mastering now.

  • Touch of metallic – for those of you out there who love the shimmery lids and sheen pouts, I’m sure you’ll love fall’s metallic trend. Hints of metallic on the inner corners of the eyes, a coat swipe of metallic lipstick, metallic eye shadow all over the lids – these are just some of the ways to wear touches of metallic colors on your overall makeup look. Of course, let’s not forget about metallic highlighters that are ever so perfect for a chill night out.

metallic bronze eye makeup

metallic makeup metallic rose lip metallic technicolor makeup

  • Lush lashes – another trend that’s sure to go big this fall are luscious false lashes. Sure, you may have been wearing them even before fall but this season doesn’t just call for any kind of falsies but rather for more doll-like lashes for pretty peepers.  Also, it’s not just about wearing top lash falsies but bottom false lashes as well so you might as well get to the dollar store, stock up and start practicing!

false bottom and top lashes false lashes katy perry lashes

  • Linear beauty – whether you’re more of a smoky eye kind of girl or one who would rather go for an all natural look, one thing you shouldn’t skip on when it comes to doing your fall makeup is lining your eyes. Lining your eyes gives it more definition. With styles like the winged tip and the cat eye, you also get to sport a fiercer look. Depending on whether you want to achieve bigger or smaller eyes, lining your bottom waterline is optional. Remember that bottom eyeliner closes off the eyes so it’s more advisable for women with bigger eyes.

winged liner look radiant makeup look liner and lipstick

  • Fresh and radiant – to lift and lighten up the common dark fall hues, a fresh and radiant face is a must and it’s one of fall’s hottest makeup trends as well. All you need to nail this trend is to make sure your face is free of flaws by using the right foundation and concealer combo. If you still haven’t found your Holy Grail foundie and concealer, it’s time to hit the makeup counter and get matched. You don’t have to necessarily look dewy but you do need just the right amount of highlight to get that ‘glow from within’ look going.

radiant makeup perfect fall makeup fresh and radiant face

  • Color craze – if you’re brave and bold enough, you might as well get into the band wagon and go crazy with bright and electric hues. From bright lips to stark eyeliner lines to flashy blush hues – going big with color is definitely one of fall’s biggest makeup trends.

crazy color lid bright hot pink bright hot pink

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