Fall Hairstyles

How to Wear Hair This Fall Season

Romantic, minimalist, straight-up-and-gutsy- these are how fall hairstyles look this year. With the great artistry of hairstylists, hairdos are often more fresh-looking, fierce and elegant. Nobody would dislike just one look because everything is carefully done. All that’s trending for hairstyles this season, we’ve got them covered.

1. Embellished Updo. Dolce and Gabbana had their girls feeling like snobby queens and royally spoiled princesses when they sent them out wearing crown jewelry and huge royal-looking accessories. Bling may be in , but it’s the crowned heads with updos that caught our attention. Every girl would love to be a princess even just for a day. If you want to try this look, do it in a party, preferably your own. If you want to go out with this hairstyle, wear a headband as an alternative.



2. Designer Braids. Not really created by fashion demigods but hairstylists who made the trend look good on the runway and ads. Braids give you a fresh look especially when you’ve been hanging on to that tight ponytail or loose waves for so long. Side braids ae fashionable for fall 2013. try them for a little missy appeal.


3. Upside Down Braid. This is the elegant and highly innovative style we’re talking about. An added top bun makes it more unique.


4. Twisted. Tired of pin curls? Try parting your hair in half and experiment with twists and pins and hairspray. You’ll have fun and surely be pleased with results.



5. Less Messy updo. All you have to let loose are a few thin strands at the sides of your face.  It makes you look a little effortless but still made-up and sophisticated.


6. Luxury Wet Look.  Minimalism goes from buildings to clothes to hair. The sleek and sexy wet brush up is back and it’s a trend that celebs love. Think Kate Moss, Tilda Swinton and Charlize Therone. They may not have the exact same hairstyles but the neat looks give away their aura that you can exude too. Short? Ponytail? Brush-up? Untied? Braided?  The wet look is certainly for everyone to rock for fall and winter.


fallhairstyle15 7. Winter Waves. Look like Christmas morning everyday. Straight or curly, this look’s a blast.