Fall Beauty Trends to Watch Out For

As much as we’ve enjoyed summer’s cool and crazy beauty trends, it’s now time to tone the look down a bit down and get on with fall’s up and coming beauty trends. Though not as bright, bold and colorful as summer makeup and beauty trends, fall trends are beautifying and flattering just the same. I know a lot of women who can’t wait for fall to start because they look better with warm and dark colors while others struggle to make it rather soft and not so goth. Here is a list of fall beauty trends to watch out for this year. Read on and tell us which one(s) you are most excited about and which one(s) you think aren’t going to make it to your must-try list.

  • Exaggerated cat eye – because regular cat eye is so mainstream. The exaggerated cat eye liner look was everywhere and on everyone during fall’s Fashion Week. This beauty trend is rather bold on the runway of course, but you can most certainly tone it down in real life. To make this trend more wearable, wear it with minimal makeup. Examples of exaggerated cat eye liner looks / styles include the double cat eye, thick cat eye and cat eye looks made with summer colors.

chunky cat eye exaggerated cat eye thick and bold cat eye

  • 60s-inspired hairstyles – though they never really left the beauty scene, 60s-inspired hairstyles are going to be bigger than ever this coming fall so make sure you’re well stocked up on hairspray and always have that teasing brush ready at your beck and call. No idea how to channel the 60s glam? Look up Jane Fonda, Jackie Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot – just those three are sure to give you enough hair inspiration to last you ‘til fall is over.

big hair inspired by the 60s

big blonde hair bouffant half updo

  • No makeup makeup – for those of you out there who aren’t big on creating dramatic look, this trend is for you. Sporting the no makeup makeup is easy if you know how to do it. Check out these tips on perfecting the no makeup makeup look.

leighton meester no makeup makeup look perfect no makeup makeup flawless no makeup makeup look

  • Surprising pop of color – an unexpected pop of color somewhere in your look is just what you need to liven up a warm and dark fall makeup look. Forget about wearing shockingly bright lipstick or sweeping summer’s crazy colors on your lids. Go for something less conventional like a bright eyeliner color to line your waterline or a mascara in a color that’s far from your natural lash color (blue, green, yellow – whatever floats your boat).

colored cat eye colored mascara unexpected pop of color

  • Pretty plaits – another trend to hit the beauty scene this season are plaits or braids. Not your usual messy summer braids, though. This fall, it’s all about looking and doing your braids neat and polished. If you’re ever looking for a hairstyle that you can wear from day to night, simply braid your hair for the day and release the braids for gorgeous waves at night.

neat and tight braids tight side braid full fall braid

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