Fall Accessory Trends to try this Spring

Seasonal looks – while specially made for the weather or the predominant fashion trend – should not be limited to its term. In fact, you can use a handful of fall trends for the spring days to come. Widen your wardrobe by incorporating these fall accessory trends to your springtime outfits.

Statement Earrings

Fall accessory trends will not be complete without a statement earring here and there. This attention-grabbing accessory is something you should not miss this spring, especially if you are headed to a dressy or formal event. Even with just a simple dress or pantsuit, you can stand out with shiny and sparkly statement earrings.

kate bosworth statement earrings

statement earrings

70’s Inspired Necklace

Fall accessory trends are all about bringing the 70’s back. Of course, the best way to do so is to accentuate your outfit with a 70’s inspired necklace. You don’t have to wear a denim vest or a fringe skirt to channel the 70’s look, as this decade-particular necklace can do the styling for you.

burgundy necklace 70s feather necklace

Sporty Shades

The sun can be your friend, but it can be your foe too. For those glaring days, the best you can do is wear a pair of sporty shades. This is one of the best fall accessory trends to borrow for springtime, especially if you plan on parading throughout the city.

sporty shades black sporty shades

Low-Heel Boot

Springtime foot fashion should not be limited to flats and sandals. If you want more foot coverage, then try the sophisticated fall accessory trends that are low-heel boots. Not only do they provide more warmth, they can help you achieve the equestrian chic look as well.

low heel boots black low heel boots


If you want to experiment with fall accessory trends, then do try brogues. Although these evoke a feeling of boring office wear fashion, brogues, with the right styling, can be taken to casual events as well.

emma watson brown brogues black and gold brogues

Waist Bag

If sling bags and backpacks are too troublesome for you, then dare to set the trend with a waist bag. A favorite of the oldies, this functional yet stylish purse has recently made a fashion comeback. In fact, it is one of the foremost fall accessory trends to try this spring. Not only will it keep your make-up kit at bay, it will save you from the trouble of tagging your bag along with you.

brown waist bag maroon waist bag

Fur Handbags

Add volume to your springtime look with fur handbags. These fall accessory trends can even make you look more sophisticated, so make sure to use such for nighttime events and gala parties.

maroon fur handbag fur handbags

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