Face of the Day with Naked Palette

Hey guys! Got my makeup look for today with Urban Decay Naked Palette . I’ve got midterms this coming week and I’m feeling more moody than usual, so I tried for a darker eye. It doesn’t look that severe in the pics, but it’s a little more than what I usually wear on my eyes. I actually really like it, and also jump at any chance to use Wet n’ Wild’s “Comfort Zone” Palette.face of the day with urban decay naked palette

Products in Order of Use:
Black Radiance Complextion Perfection ‘Shine Control Primer‘ from inner-V to my outer , and up to my brow bone
– ‘Naked’ from Urban Decay’s “Naked” Palette on the inner third of my top lid
-‘Buck’ from Urban Decay’s “Naked” Palette on the middle third of my top lid, on the outer third of my bottom lid
Revlon ‘Rich Sable‘ on the outer third of my top lid, blending outward, and upward.
The right “Definer” from Wet n’ Wild’s “Comfort Zone” Palette patted over the outer third of my top lid and blended outward
Revlon ‘Vintage Lace’ Eyeshadow on my brow bone and a bit on my inner-V
-“Naked” from Urban Decay’s “Naked” Palette on my brows
Black Radiance ‘Clear Mascara/Brow Tamer‘ on my brows
Kryolan AquaColor Liner in ‘Black’– mixed with water and applied with an eyeliner brush to my top lid.
NYX “White/Gray/Black” Palette– Used the black shadow over my eyeliner to make it matte
Milani Eye Tech Extreme Eye Liner in 01 ‘Blackest Black‘ applied to my upper water line
Maybelline Great Lash in ‘Blackest Black’– two coats on my upper lashes, one on my bottombrown eye makeup with naked palettemakeup with urban decay naked palette

Here are the products I used on my eyes and lips– I definiely went all out today, I don’t use this many every day…Face-of-the-Day- naked palette

1) NYX ‘White/Gray/Black’ Palette: Good trio of matte shadows. I used the black shadow over my eyeliner to matte-ify it.

2) Revlon ‘Vintage Lace’ Shadow: Matte off-white, used on my brow bone as well as lightly in my inner-V.

3) Kryolan AquaColor Liner ‘Black’: My go-to black eyeliner. Gotta work on my wing, I know!

4) Revlon ‘Rich Sable’ Shadow: Matte dark-brown, used on my outer-V and blended outward and upward.

5) Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner 01 ‘Blackest Black’: Felt tip eye liner pen- love this guy. I used this on my upper water line.

6) Urban Decay “Naked” Palette: I used “Naked” on the inner third of my upper lid as well as to fill in my eyebrows, and “Buck” on the middle third of my upper lid also on the outer third of my lower lid.

7) Black Radiance Complextion Perfection ‘Shine Control Primer’: Great moisturizing clear primer. Used on my eyes and lips.

8) NYC 416 ‘Berry Rich’ Lipstick: I love these NYC lipsticks in the square package- they’re kind of medium-sheer but super buildable. This is a little more purpley in real life.

9) Wet n’ Wild “Comfot Zone” Palette: The greatest palette, especially because of the amazing red-to-blue duochrome shadow- the ‘definer’ on the lower right. Used over the outer third of my top lid and blended outward. The blue flash is stronger in real life- I would say that the fourth pic down captures it the best.

10) Maybelline Great Lash ‘Blackest Black’ Mascara: A couple coats on my top lashes, one on my bottom.

11) Black Radiance ‘Clear Mascara/Brow Tamer’: I use this guy every day on my brows after I fill them in. It starts out clear, but has now mixed with my brow color…

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