Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Review

Its no secret that I love foundations, I would have an entire room full of them and nothing else if I had the money. For the last few days I have been trying out the Face Atelier foundation to see how it looks and feels on my skin.

I bought 3 sample pots in 3 different shades from Cult Beauty for £2 each I think, it was quite long ago so forgive me if I am wrong. Cult Beauty were so helpful in helping me to chose a few shades to match the undertone correctly when I am wearing or have a tan.

The consistency is lovely, but I do need to shake it up before I use it as it seems to separate a little bit in the pots. I used two layers of foundation as normal as one for me never seems enough. There is no overpowering smell to this foundation either.

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation-swatches

Each of these colours are warm colours with yellow undertones as far as I remember.

Stand by for my face without makeup! eek!

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation-before application

As you can see I have a couple of blemishes on my chin due to a bit of stress recently and some uneven skin tone around my cheeks and nose.

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation-2 layers

After 2 layers my skin is looking considerably better while still looking like skin (Forgive the random hair from my brush on my face) This foundation has silicone in it and I was extremely wary of trying this as anything with Silicone tends to break me out at the drop of a hat. Face Atelier however claims that their silicone is bigger than pores so it wont end up clogging them up, but will still give you a flawless look. Its also great to note that it is water resistant.

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation-final look

With a tiny bit of powder and some blush and I am good to go, I didn’t even bother with concealer over my blemishes, just under my eyes where I tend to suffer the most.

This is a really great foundation and one that I am seriously considering for my wedding as it photographs so beautifully!

Have you tried this foundation yet? What are your thoughts?

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