Fabulous Statement Pants to Wear

If you’re looking for a way to up your street style game, wearing statement pants is definitely a fun way to go. Even if you’re wearing something real simple like a plain white tee, you can look glam and fab when you wear it with statement pants. So, what exactly are statement pants? There’s really no ‘criteria’ to complete to consider a pair as statement pants. As long as they’re bold and they turn heads and stand out in the crowd, you can call them statement pants. Here are some fabulous statement pieces to wear right now.

  • Sequined pants – sequined pants are great for making a statement during the day. Anything with sequins is usually expected to be worn at nighttime events and occasions which is why wearing them during the day makes for a great surprise statement. Depending on how shiny you want your pants to be, you can choose from teeny tiny sequins to large and chunky ones. If you don’t want to wear a fully sequined pair, you can always opt for pants with sequined detailing instead.

gold sequin pants

sequined pants and peplum top sequins and leather outfit

  • Harem pants – harem pants are not as bold or as loud and shiny as sequined pants but their unique silhouette makes them really interesting. To make sure you keep a chic outfit, wear something rather fitted on top. This will balance out the looseness of your harem pants.

black harem pants harem pants in gray pale pink harem

  • Leather pants – leather pants are no big deal during the colder seasons like fall and winter but when you see someone strut their stuff in them during the summer, you get to think ‘she must really love fashion to sacrifice comfort and wear those pants!’. Yes, leather pants in the summer can be uncomfortable but you can definitely cheat your way to this fierce look by wearing faux leather leggings instead. They’re more comfy, less restrictive and more summer-friendly but they do very well in fall and winter as well.

red leather pants chic leather panst shiny leather pants

  • Neon pants – neon colors are all the rage for summer this year so sport them while you can. I personally love wearing bright neon pants whenever I feel gloomy and down in the dumps. If you’re not sure how to go about wearing neon colors, I would suggest wearing one neon piece at a time. If you’re a little more adventurous and you love taking fashion risks every now and then, you can try color blocking in neon colors.

neon on neon outfit coral neon pants coral neon pants

  • Printed pants – looking for something that will give your plain and simple outfit that ‘oomph’ to make heads turn? Ditch your plain ol’ pants and wear printed pants instead. Printed pants add texture and detail to your outfit. Floral prints and stripes are super popular for summer while animal prints, camouflage and tribal prints are pretty popular for fall and winter.

tropical print pants black and white printed pants animal print lounge pants checkered pants for fall


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