Fab Ways to Layer for Colder Days

Layering is one of the best, easiest and most stylish things you can do if you want to look fab and feel comfy during cold days. If you’re looking for a way to still flaunt your style without freezing out on a cold winter’s day, definitely try layering. Now, there are certain rules that you need to follow when layering so you don’t end up looking 10 pounds heavier than you are. Of course, the most important thing to remember is to keep your layers to a minimum as much as possible. Here are some more tip on fab ways to layer for colder days.

  • LOAD UP ON TOPS AND KEEP A SLIM BOTTOM SILHOUETTE – loading up top is only sensible but make sure you balance out your silhouette by going for a slim silhouette down the bottom. You can go for that really cute and chunky oversized sweater as your top layer as long as you wear something like leggings or skinny jeans so that your physique looks proportional.

cute outfit loaded layers

gorgeous layered outfit heavy top layers

  • CARRY MULTIPLE BAGS – yes, you can layer everything and that includes purses. This technique is really handy for those of you who will be travelling for the holidays or those who simple have to carry everything around all day, going from one place to another or maybe even one job to another, and not want to lug around one giant bag. Try wearing a sling bag over your body for all your necessities like your phone, cards, keys and cash and they a handbag style purse for all other things like change of clothes, spare shoes and the like.

matching color double bags rachel zoe double bag double bag jessica alba

  • LAYER PRINTS AND PATTERNS – looking for a refreshing break from all the dark colors during colder seasons? How about layering some prints and patterns on for a chic and trendy look? You can do the print on print trend with just your upper half by layering various prints and patters and keeping your lower half in a neutral solid color so that all the fun things going on up top have something to be anchored down to.

floral and stripes print and pattern galore multiple prints layered

  • DOUBLE UP ON OUTERWEAR – weather getting too cold? If one outerwear isn’t cutting it for you anymore, go ahead and throw another one on. Yes, you can wear two outerwear pieces with your look as long as they’re not both chunky and heavy. If you’re opting for a button up outerwear piece, leave them undone for a more forgiving look.

cardigan and leather jacket coat and denim jacket double outerwear outfit

  • WEAR LAYERING ACCESSORIES – their main function may be to prettify your outfits but some accessories can help keep you warm too. This winter, wear layering accessories like leg warmers, scarves and tights for extra style and extra comfort.

polka dot scarf black and white scarf cute scarf

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