Fab Smartphone Apps Every Fashionista Must Have

Cell phones today are more than just for texting and calling. With a smart phone, you can call, text, chat, browse the internet, play music, play games and do what you would usually do on your computer right on the palm of your hands, thanks to the apps that you can download on your phone. Speaking of apps, don’t you just love how there are so many apps that help you stay stylish nowadays? Here are some of the most fab Smartphone apps every fashionista must have.

  • POSE – Pose is a great app if you’re looking for something that you can look at for daily inspiration. It checks for the weather in your area and shows you outfit inspirations based on the forecast so you never have to worry about liking a look but not being able to wear it because it’s either too hot or too cold out. It saves your past searches and even lets you browse according to occasions.

pose start screen

  • POSHMARK – for the girl who just doesn’t know what to do with her clothes anymore, Poshmark is the app for you. Poshmark is an app with a community where fashionistas and stylephiles get to buy and sell clothes off of each other. It does fuel your addiction for shopping but in a less expensive way so it’s a win-win situation, really.

poshmark app


  • STYLEBOOK – can’t keep track of what you have in your wardrobe? Download StyleBook and make your life easier. With this app, all you have to do is upload pieces that you have in your closet, categorize them and then search for them conveniently later when you need them. You’ll also find plenty of tools that will help you get even more organized.

stylebook app

  • CLOTH – Cloth, to me, is like a hybrid between StyleBook and Pose. It allows you to upload photos of pieces from your wardrobe and organize and categorize them for easy browsing and it also makes suggestions based on the weather in your area.

cloth app cloth app screen shot

  • THE HUNT – if you’re anything like me, you get most of your outfit inspiration from magazines, movies and on TV. Tracking down an entire outfit takes up way too much time and effort, though, so any input from other people can really make a difference and make your quest easier. That’s what The Hunt is all about. It’s a whole community you can join dedicated to helping members find places where they can buy specific items. Isn’t that cool?

the hunt

  • POLYVORE – this is one of my personal favorites because it allows you to create collages to see how all the pieces you have in mind would look like in one outfit. What’s even greater is that you can also take a peek at other people’s collages for even more inspo plus, with filters like color, size, brand, style and more, finding a piece that caught your eye will be a whole lot easier.

polyvore app


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