Fab Maxi Dresses For Summer

Where, When And How To Wear Them

Where;s the perfect place to wear maxi dresses? Actually, you can wear them anywhere and anytime. How to wear them is the question since you can’t just put on a maxi and be whatever. Well, you can but looking fabulous is another thing. To help a little, we came up with ways to wear them for every venue and occasion.

1. Beach Babe. What’s summer without the beaches? Best prints are the exotic ones,  stripey details, and just about anything under the sun. What to wear it with? A scarf, shawl, or cardigan when it gets too breezy. For accessories, arm party, statement necklaces and earrings would be hot. Flip flops and sandals are more suitable for the sand.





2. Garden girl. If you’re having a simple breakfast, brunch gathering, tea party, or picnic, it’s time to don that gorgeous maxi. Still go for necklaces, earrings, and arm party. You may want to wear patterned prints,  sunny colors,  and bright shades. For shoes, flats remain fittest for the grass, or stony grounds.




3. Pool Princess. Unless you’e in for a plunge, maxi dresses are best to wear by the poolside. Choose the most standout colors and most vibrant prints as possible. Don’t forget the accessories. Dare to wear high heels and walk with caution.

maxidress25 maxidress20





4. Workplace Wonder. If you work in a place where freedom of style is allowed, don’t hesitate to glamorize you wardrobe with maxi dresses. Pick block colors, and solid prints. Also dare to wear bright ones. Keep the look minimalistic. if you want to go boho chic with accessories, don’t overdo the dress. Slip into high heels and walk like you’ve got ten men behind you.










5. Cafe Chick. When you’re out for coffee, there’s no rule that says you can only dress up or down all the time. Summer’s the perfect time to wear a frock that reaches the ankle. Not just evening gowns but sexy maxidresses that can give you extra doses of confidence when you walk into a room. Color and fabric choice is the secret to successfully shopping for a maxi. May it be flats or heels, you don’t really have to debate on what to wear with it.