Eylure & Salon System Individual Eyelashes review

Eylure & Salon System Individual Eyelashes review.

I thought I’d write a post about my favourite individual lashes, some of you may know that I’m a beauty therapist and i like to think of myself as a bit of a lash queen when it comes to applying these! Most of my time in the salon I’m usually doing lashes, i also do the semi permanent lash extensions, so as you can probably imagine I’ve tried a fair few different brand of lashes and these two are my favourite by miles.

Salon System Individual Eyelashes, the glue and the remover.Salon System Individual Eyelashes

To be honest, i don’t see any difference what so ever in these two brands, except for the price, the eylure ones are more expensive and you will more than likely find them in most chemists. The other ones i have are by ‘salonsystem’, now this brand is what salons and therapists can buy out of salon magazine, but they do have them on ebay and you definately get more for your money and i find the glue a lot better.
The eylure pack comes with the three different sizes , small,medium & large, where as the salonsystem ones are in seperate packs.eylure individual lashes

These type of lashes are much more natural than the strip lashes, but it’s entirely up to you what look you go for as the more you add on, the more dramatic they will look. they can be a bit fiddly to apply on yourself at first but once you get the hang of it, there’ll be no stopping you!

to get them out of the pack i recommend pulling them out with your fingers rather than using tweezers as sometimes i find that the tweezers can damage them when you try and pull them out of the packet.

If you’re careful and look after them well once they’re applied they could last you between 1-2 weeks, you just need to be careful when you sleep, in the shower etc.

┬áRather than glue them to your eyelid like the strip lashes what I’d personally do is dip the bulb end in the glue and thinly coat my lash with the glue and then put it as close to the lid as you can but not actually on the lid! I find they are much more likely to last longer if done like this.Salon System Individual Eyelashes review

These are the salon system ones i applied to my friends lashes

I hope you found this post helpful ­čÖé

Katie xo

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