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Eyeme Lashes No. 20 from Piccasso Review

Hi Hunnies, Hope all is well with all of you.. here is my Eyeme Lashes No. 20 from Piccasso Review!
Hope I can also post all of my Haul, but I dont want you to get bored.
So for now, I just like to show you my review on Eye Me No. 20 lashes that I recently received from Picasso together with other luxurious brushes, you may check the other goodies here.
1 Eyeme Lashes No. 20 from Piccasso
I am really excited to try this pair of lashes, they look fab and you can really feel the good quality through its texture.
2 Girl's generation Tiffany Eyeme 20 (1)
And I also learned that EYE ME premium eyelash represents Korean Star’s beauty secret…
This pair of lashes is the one that Tiffany of the Girls Generation loves to wear for its incomparable naturalness, and outstanding feeling of wear.
3 Eyeme Lashes
About the Product:
The Eyeme eyelashes are hand tied, hand trimmed and designed on a soft and natural hair.

I’ll let the Pictures do the talking…
4 eye me lashes Collages
Lovely lovely lashes, right?
The lashes are so black, soft and full.
The lash band is not too thick, it’s just like you’re wearing a thin black eyeliner!


  • The lashes gave a great length and volume that I always want.
  • The lash band has a curve that makes it very flexible and easy to apply as it conforms to the natural shape of the eye.
  • The Hair is soft and full with short and long hair in each knot which makes it more glamorous and dramatic while it blends pretty nicely with my real lashes
  • The clear adhesive that came with the lashes is of good quality, dries quickly and sticks strongly for the whole day.
  • The packaging is really sturdy and cute, it is a slide to reveal compartment with detailed steps on application and removal of the falsies
  • Very comfortable and lightweight despite its fullness.
  • I find it wearable.. Not overwhelming at all.
  • Re-usable if handled with care
  • They retained their shape even after removal


  • Currently, it’s only available online since its from Korea.
  • It is quite pricey but the quality is worth every penny.

5 Eyeme Lashes No. 20 when worn


I love the amazing quality of these lashes, it emphasized and created an illusion of gorgeous wide big fluttering eyes while adding a sexy glam factor on your look.
Among the lashes that I have tried, Eyeme No. 20 is one of easiest to apply as the band itself holds it shape and conforms to the shape of my eyes. Moreover, these falsies can definitely make your eye make-up stand out and look super professional.
Once again, Thanks Mr. Martin of Piccasso for choosing and sending me this lovely pair!


Marie Frenette says:

Hi, thanks for reviewing our lashes! I’d like to let you know that Piccasso and Eyeme products are now available at and will be sold on Lazada in Malaysia and Singapore starting this month!