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Eyeko SKINNY Eyeliner in Emerald Green

Eyeko SKINNY Eyeliner in Emerald Green

In this month’s GlossyBox I received the Eyeko SKINNY Eyeliner as most people did. However, after completing my beauty profile on the GlossyBox website and clearly stating that I preferred nude colours they sent me a green eyeliner… Pissed off much.

I have no use for this eyeliner but I will still review it as I think most people will still want to know about the eyeliner as it may be the colour for them! So the eyeliner came in Emerald Green…

The box is probably far too big for the product – but this is just me being picky. The eyeliner doesn’t really need a box or such a wide box at that!


The eyeliner itself looks like a weapon – beware of the very pointy silver handle – this supposedly means you can still use the eyeliner to the very last inch of it’s life – I think it is a weapon in disguise!


The colour is a very subtle green with flecks of gold throughout. It isn’t an ‘in your face’ green. This could be easily worn day or night.
Overall the softness of the eyeliner is brilliant – I hate getting an eyeliner which is one very difficult to transfer on to your eyes with out poking your eyes out or scratches your eyes!
The eyeliner itself is probably smaller than your average eyeliner from Rimmel but because of that huge handle it is pretty deceiving.
The pencil is full size and retails at £9.50 so it is pretty in the middle of the make up market.
By entering ‘GLOSSY’ when purchasing you can bag yourself a FREE gift!
Buy it here!
I would have loved to try the Plum shade or Black!
Did you receive the eyeliner too?
What colour did you get?