Eyeko Graffiti Liner in Navy review

Cheap & Cheerful – Eyeko Graffiti Liner in Navy

We all love a bargain; especially at the time of year when Christmas is approaching it can be more and more difficult to splurge on ourselves. This week I am dedicating The Lip Print to products that are at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. Don’t think this means I’ll be skimping on quality; these bargain treats will give you value for money without compromising on results.

Cheap & Cheerful Say #1 – Eyeko Graffiti Liner in Navy

UK brand Eyeko is known for it’s affordable and colourful range of product. While their polishes seem to be the stand-out option from their line (I certainly adore them!) the graffiti eyeliner pens are certainly worth a look.Eyeko Graffiti Liner in Navy  review

The felt-tip marker style applicator allows for maximum control and the product draws on like a texta; allowing you to apply the colour precisely. It isn’t a liquid product like many other ‘pen-style’ liners and the tip isn’t flexible; meaning it’s quite easy to draw an even, smooth line.Eyeko Graffiti Liner in Navy
The range only offers 3 shades currently: the standard black, plus navy and purple for those who like a bit of extra colour. I was provided the Navy liner for review and I really love the colour. If you read my blog you’ll know that I’m not really a blue person; yet Navy is subtle and adds a touch of blue without making you feel like an 80’s reject!Eyeko Graffiti Liner
Eyeko Graffiti Liner reviewEyeko  Liner  review

Reasons why I love the Eyeko Graffiti liner:

  • Price – at £5 this really is a bargain!
  • Ease of application – it’s perfect for beginners
  • Colour – Navy is the perfect balance between colour and subtlety; you can get away with it in the office
  • Packaging – functional, yet cute