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All my friends are very aware that there are two things that I look at when I first meet people: their teeth and their eyebrows.
Yes, it’s a bit weird but it is not without reasoning. I had braces when I was 11 for a year as my front 2 teeth completely over-lapped and they changed my life. I never smiled with my teeth before I had braces. So now I am obsessed with how white and how straight my teeth (and everyone elses teeth) are.
The eyebrow thing is even worse however. My mum took me to get my eyebrows waxed when I was 10. Yes 10 years old. I think they clearly bothered her more than they did a 10 year old me. So since the waxing at 10, I have continued to wax, pluck, thread and pencil in my eyebrows. So now, after almost 10 years eyebrow obsessing, they are almost the shape I always wanted them to be. I have always dreamed of having giant Elizabeth Taylor/ Sophia Loren brows. My latest eyebrow hero is Aria from TV show Pretty Little Liars (actress Lucy Hale). I also love Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows but I am very aware that hers are quite “enhanced”.
Sophia, Elizabeth and Lucy Hale picture below:
The key to me getting the brows I want seems to maintain them LESS. I was over waxing them, usually getting them waxed every 3 weeks. I had my eyebrows threaded in about May of this year and since then I have just plucked them myself. I found the threading gave a much better shape and a cleaner line. They have grown great since the threading.  The hair growth also seems to be not as fast since I had them threaded. (I got them threaded in Bellaire Salon in Belfast, facing the Belfast Telegraph; they’re really great! It’s about £20 but it is really worth is for less maintenance). I think I will probably get them threaded again in a month or so just to get a cleaner line, but for now plucking them will do. I also use a Laura Mercier Eyebrow Pencil in Warm Brunette (£15.50 House of Fraser) to lightly pencil them in. The pencil is great because it gives a  powered effect which looks natural, unlike the waxy effect some eyebrow products can give you!
Below is a diagram of how your brows should be shaped. If you are not into waxing or threading, it is easy to pluck them into this shape. Using an eyeliner (white eyeliner is always good), draw in the shape of your brow then pluck away the hairs which fall outside this shape.
I really do believe eyebrows can change the shape of your face and make your makeup look so much more dramatic. A good investment!