Eye Crease Brushes for Small Eyes

I absolutely can’t live without brushes for crease work especially for definition of the Outer “V”. I have small eyes, so I really envy those with deep set ones
However, I will never resort to cosmetic surgery, that’s why I chose to invest on Make-up brushes to enhance and love what I have. And that’s where we GIRLS are really good at, making the best out of what we have!
So, I would like to share some of my suggested crease brushes for small eyes..
1 Eye Crease Brushes for Small Eyes
From Top- Sigma E45, MAC 226, MAC 217, MAC 228, MAC 219se
Here are my suggested brushes for small eyes:
2 MAC 217
MAC 217 ~ My first ever MAC brush that I bought years ago, although now I got two, I’m in love and will always be in-love with this brush.
It’s a great multi-functional, soft, fluffy domed brush. I find it useful in depositing color to the crease, lids and works well in defining the outer “v” as well as blending out any harsh lines. I can also use it as a concealer brush and nose contour brush. Built and versatility wise, indeed a Great investment!
For me, it’s a great blending brush for asian creases~ chinky eyes. I never like the 222 or 224 as I find it too big for my little crease.
3 MAC 228
MAC 228 ~ A super small, flat domed brush. An excellent choice for more detailed work, particularly with small areas for it gives you more precision and control. Like the other MAC brushes, it holds pigments and powders nicely, great on packing color on the lid as well as defining the outer “V”. I also love it to smudge shadows on the upper and lower lash line and highlighting the inner corner of the eye.
You can expand your creative ability with its versatility and precision.
4 MAC 219
MAC 219 ~ The soft smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil shaped tip. There is no fraying or shedding. It’s dense and firm enough so it picks up a good amount of color. Definitely a great brush for smudging color on lower lashline and works best if you want a very defined outer “V” or if you have a single eyelid and want a very deepened crisp crease or want to create an elongated eye shape by winging the eyeshadow/liner out a bit.
I’ve been considering in getting its full sized version but I’m trying to resist as I’m quite satisfied with my travel size se series from Mac A Tartan Tale collection that I’ve been using for almost a year now.
6 sIGMA e45
Sigma E45 is permanently available at an affordable price of $9 online. CLICK!
If you look at the pictures, these two brushes are physically identical. They are both designed for crease work and can deliver great results.
Like the MAC 226 I have enough control to get into the socket line, creating a cut crease look and defining the outer v for its much tapered tip, though it is less fuller or denser than the MAC 226, it can still work as a great multi-purpose blending brush.
Hope you like this post!
Next, I’ll show you how I define my outer “v” using some of these brushes!

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