Everyuth Naturals Cucumber Face Pack Review

Everyuth Naturals Cucumber Face Pack Review :
HI gals,Today I will review face pack from ever yuth. I am in habit of trying face packs for my oily skin. Last time I used joy skin cares cucumber face pack.It was really good on my skin. It not only made my skin pimple free but also gave me that radiant glow.
But this time when I wanted that same cucumber pack, it was not available.Everyuth-Naturals-Cucumber-Face-Pack-Review
So I purchased this ever yuth one. I somehow believe in buying a trial pack of any new product. So that if I end up wasting my money, it hurts less :p
So getting back to my face pack.
Qty: 9gms
Price: 8 INR ( cool na)
Shelf life: 2 yrs
Key Ingredients: Cucumber, Neem, Lemon, Turmeric , Vit A,C and E.Everyuth-Naturals-Cucumber-Face-Pack-ingrediants
Consistency of face pack: Its thick and of pale yellow color.
see the picture below.Everyuth-Naturals-Rejuvenating-Cucumber-Face-Pack
My place of purchase: Devlali market 😉
Packing: I purchased this small pouch pack, otherwise you can get this in a tall tube pack of 100 gms.Everyuth-Naturals-Cucumber-Face-Pack
My take on this face pack:
I have been buying ever yuth products since years. I first started from their peel of range. They have never disappointed me, though products are not magical either.
I am regular user of all products that work on oily skin. This face pack has been able to provide me shine and take away dirt from my face. But the glow I got from joy face pack is missing in this one.
It gives you a tingling feeling when applied on face. May be because of my pimples. But this feeling won’t cause any problem.
I used this pack in one go, its a trial pack to be used once only.
Regular use may prove beneficial, but I still love joy one :p
I have seen a little lightening of my scars but that is because of my new night cream from olay.
Overall this face pack will leave your skin fresh and oil is controlled for 2-3 hrs.
But don’t forget to use moisturizer afterwards. 🙂

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