European-Chic Meets West Coast Style with Jill Lansky

West Coast style is so often imitated and envied for its practical looks while a European style is known for its chic yet effortless vibe. Mind behind the August Diaries blog, Jill Lansky is a Vancouver-based style blogger known for her European-chic-meets-West-Coast style. Since she knows how to make fashion appears feminine yet effortless, keep on reading to get some tricks on how to wear the European-chic-meets-west-coast style.

Go for a sporty style to channel the West Coast vibe.

all gray outfit with sneakers

sneakers with black dress and trench coat slit skirt with gray tee and sneakers black dress with canvas sneakers backless-dress-with-sneakers

Take a peek around the West Coast and you’ll see women everywhere “getting their exercise on” outside of the gym. With busy schedules, constant traffic, and often no time to run home to change, West Coast girls have perfected the art of “athleisure” style by wearing sporty sneakers everywhere. The key to your perfect sporty style is to stick to neutral colors and steer away from other gym items. Like Gill, think of resorting to a pair of canvas sneakers that will go well with your chic culottes, basic tops, and classic skirts.

Resort to a pair of boots or sandals worn with sophisticated outfits.

breezy dress with skinny scarf and sandals suede slit skirt with white top strappy sandals with button down shirt and skirt slit-dress-with-cnkle-boots white dress with summer sandals

Since the weather offers year round sun and eternal summer vibes, West Coast women have a way of putting together casual looks that can go practically anywhere. With a right pair of summer sandals or boots, it can take you from work in the morning to lunch with the girls in the afternoon to dancing the night away at your favorite club. The key is to choose the style, material, and color that is suitable for all occasions. Like Jill, play with proportions by wearing boots with your high-slit dresses and sandals with your midi dresses keeping your looks breezy yet effortless.

Opt for laid-back items mixed with chic ones.

canadian tuxedo with mules skirt-with-white-tank-top-and-studded-sandals. denim jeans with chic top crop top with full skirt and peep toe boots chic top with breezy skirt chambray shirt with skirt and lace up sandals

Speaking of laidback items, casual jeans, chambray shirt white tee, and tank top are the must-haves of all West Coasters. With a desert-like climate, the weather tends to be warm during the day yet chilly at night, Jill mastered the slouchy meets polished style on her street style without looking messy. A chambray shirt can dress down a corporate black skirt and a pair of lace-up sandals, while a full miniskirt can dress up your basic black tank top. Just mix and match your laid-back items with chic ones to create a European look mixed with West Coast style like Jill always does.

Layering is the key for those in between days.

black dress with moto jacket and birkenstock sandals trench coat with fringed dress sweater with lace skirt leather jacket with slit dress coat with edgy outfit and skinny scarf black sweater with button down shirt with skinny jeans

Since the West Coast lies in a “desert like” climate with warm days and chilly nights, women know that layering is key to staying warm yet chic. When the weather warms, simply tie your sweater or lightweight shirt around your waist for an effortless style. Like Jill, you may simply top your plain black dress with a black moto jacket to carry you through any and every occasion. Taking inspiration from Jill will make your street style effortless yet chic regardless if you live in the city that doesn’t have that carefree, beach vibe, or it rains more than sees the sun.

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