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Endota Organic Honey & Cinnamon lip balm review

Endota Organic Honey & Cinnamon lip balm review : Skin’ Loving Saturdays is not just about facial skin care; lip skin care is just as important! Lip Balms are a product that I buy frequently for a few reasons: firstly, they’re a cheap treats when compared with facial skin care. Secondly, one can never have too many lip balms! I stash them in my handbags, at home in my bedroom, bathroom and study; and I keep them at work as well.

Recently, the lovely people at Endota provided me with a sample of their cinnamon and honey lip balm (hello tastiness!) Endota’s products are certified organic meaning over 95% of the product ingredients are “organically harvested and processed” What does this mean for you? Endota products not only feel good but they are good for your skin.


Interesting fact: Endota is an indigenous Australian adjective pronounced en-doe-ta which means ‘beautiful’.

The Cinnamon and Honey lip balm is just a joy to use! It tastes like a warm, lightly spiced desert drizzled with honey. What’s so good about honey? Endota says ‘magical honey: the bee’s knees for healing. renowned for curing wounds almost as well as it sweetens toast’

On the lips it provides a smooth, glossy shine. The formula is great; it’s very comfortable to wear and not thick or waxy like some lip balms. It also does a good job at keeping lips hydrated, I noticed that it didn’t fade as quickly as some balms and my lip were left soft and smooth after use.

Want to see what it looks like on the lips? Check out Akisa’s post over at Beauty Swatch

The tube is sizable at 6 grams and it retails for $17AUD, a little goes a long way so the tube will keep you going for a while. If you’re looking for an all-round good-for-you product then you’ve found it!