Emilija Vaišnoraitė: Baroque Fashion in a Modern Style

Baroque fashion is the most elegant, glamorous, and luxurious style of all times. Silhouettes like velvet, silk, satin, Victorian lace, cashmere, brocade, chiffon, and faux fur are the classic key textures of Baroque fashion. If you are so much in love with this fashion style and are still wondering how to wear the Baroque-inspired style, take a look on how a fashion blogger from Lithuania nailed this look in a modern way.

Emilija Vaišnoraitė, a fashion blogger and from Lithuania, is known for her high-fashion styles in the streets of Belgium. In her fashion blog, Fashion Whit, she documents her sartorial escapades, aesthetic perception, and impeccable style. She likes the contrast between modernity and antiquity, so she often dressed in Baroque style clothes both modern and classic cuts, colors, and patterns – and luxury themed styles.

gold necklace

pearls and necklace stone rings

Baroque fashion is a great range of romantic and lavish patterns and elements, so it is not typically intended for a daily street style unless you nail its glamorous style. You may start small by opting for some Baroque style accessories instead of clothes. Long vintage necklaces such as a gold-plated necklace with large pearls, jewel stone rings, bracelets, and tassel style earrings are a great statement to your modern Baroque-inspired style.

scarf in white top hat in all red outfit fur hat clutch gold

Also, you can make a statement by wearing a Baroque style scarf with Victorian or animal print. Some animal prints are the perfect alternative to the typical Baroque black-and-gold print. Wear your scarf with your plain and neutral outfit to add some glam to your look. Apart from it, a small box clutch of velvet or marble with gold and lace emphasizes the glamorous style. Also, fashionable hats, leather gloves, faux fur, and lace socks can be a great addition to your look.

baroque shoes in gold baroque shoes

Victorian pointy lace boots, Baroque shoes, and Edwardian heels typically embroidered gold shoes with a characteristic elongated and pointed nose, lace or satin buttons are another notable example of the Baroque trend. Some shoes in Baroque style are platform high heel shoes that come without the heels and groove under the foot. Fancy shapes of heels, mythological themed ornaments, and decorative gold designs are notable in this style.

baroque gold embroidered shorts collared velvet dress baroque print sweater fur coat green fur coat blue fur coat black in green pants fur coat white faux fur blue coat

Feel free to take some classic and feminine Baroque pieces like coats, jackets, shorts, or tops and team them you’re your classic wardrobe essentials. This will create a more balanced look and you’ll be able to take the Baroque style in a modern way. Rich fabrics such as Victorian lace, satin, faux fur, shiny silk, cashmere, brocade, and velvet are the distinctive textures of a Baroque fashion that you may like to opt for. Wearing a Baroque style velvet coat, velvet collared dress, Victorian lace dress with gold embroidery, brocade and chiffon clothing, leather jackets, Baroque jeans, and fur coats add sophistication to your look. Victorian prints, metallic details, elegant patterns, pearls and feathers, and shapes similar to the Victorian era are great too.

The ways of nailing the Baroque fashion style are endless. Just make sure not to overuse this trend by opting for too many Baroque pieces on the daily basis. Leave the glamorous fashion style for special occasions.

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