Embrace the Eccentric Look with Mary Seng

As society embraces a less-expected look, people have become more comfortable with dressing against prescribed norms in a way that expresses their distinct personality. Mind behind the Happily Grey blog, Mary Seng is a style blogger from Nashville, Tennessee, known for her eccentric look mixing and matching pieces in unexpected ways and incorporating edgy pieces to create original and authentic looks. So, keep on reading for Mary’s tricks on embracing the eccentric look.

Start making your look unconventional with architectural footwear.

architectural heels with baroque print matching set

trendy clogs with black dress architectural sandals with chambray dress

While dressing uniquely sounds easy in theory, it can be significantly more difficult in practice. So, start by wearing architectural footwear with your typical outfits which can make your overall look modern yet eccentric. Like Mary, you may go for a sculpted pair of mules that looks runway-inspired that you can wear with your black dress, or a pair of cut-out boots that can make your baroque print matching set more geometric-inspired. Going for ankle strap sandals and flat mules can also be great to add some unexpected touch to your casual outfits.

Dress individually on your street style.

chambray shirt with flared trousers crochet fringed top with denim shorts chambray skirt with lace up blouse and bandana scarf sexy mesh top with denim shorts

It may seem that unconventional dressing is easier for celebrities and fashion personalities than for the average women, but that doesn’t mean eccentric style can’t have a place in the mainstream. If you’re heading to the office, you’re quite uncomfortable seeing cloned pantsuits on your workplace, as well as attending parties where everyone is dressed up in glittery sequins. You have to dress individually because you think individually. Mary’s personality is unique, comical, and often carefree, and her aesthetic to represents that. Dressing impractically does not necessarily make you eccentric, but it can be a means to show off your individuality. So, think of details that reflect your mood and personality whether it’s a specific style, carefree silhouette, minimalist look, or punk outfit.

Add some flair to your looks with vintage stripes and polka dots.

classic print top with sneakers and striped woven tote striped paper bag waist pants with tank top striped dress with denim vest and saddlebag pussy bow polka dots dress

If you’re more on a classy side and are not a fan of avant-garde looks, resort to vintage stripes and polka dots that can add some personality to your style. Steer clear from patterns that you usually see on the streets, especially on summer where tropical prints, floral prints, and Breton stripes are known. Since Breton stripes and awning stripes look modern, you may think of vintage versions of stripes and polka dots that can add flair to your looks. This way, you’ll look summer-inspired without blending in with the crowd.

Create an enigmatic vibe with glow-in-the-dark prints.

neon print maxi dress neon blue and gree maxi dress iridescent print dress brightly colored floral print dress

Though novelty and quirky prints can be fun, add some extraordinary prints that can make those heads turn. Like Mary Seng, think of glow-in-the-dark prints, iridescent patterns, and blinding hues which are catchy than neon and rainbow colors. Remember, dressing to please yourself is something available to everyone, not just the rarefied few. So take advantage of these tricks to create eccentric looks on your own.

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