Elle18 Color Pops – Pinken 31 Review and Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I blogged a lot on my haul posts. But now its time to review each individual products. So I am starting with Elle18 Color pop lipsticks. I bought 3 of them. Elle18 is brand which was once my favorite in school and college days. But its charm was overridden by mayebelline.

1 elle18 color pops

2 elle 18 lippies 3 elle 18 lippies color pops

Elle18 was pink in packing and now black.  I bought these lippies as colors are really chic and I wanted to try some colors without burning whole in my pocket.

So lets start…

What company says:
Lipstick in explosively vibrant color. A blast of color with punch of Cocoa. The intense moisturizing core in the center protects and cares for your lips.

Price:  100 INR
Qty: 4.3 ml
Place of purchase: urbantouch.com
Packing: A long tube in black color.

see the color on my lips…

4 elle18 swatches

Now my take in form of pros and cons:-


  1. This lipstick is super smooth and soft to apply on lips. But be careful apply with soft hands as this is damn soft and fragile to break.
  2. Other colors are more pigmented, this being pink has to be applied two three times. But single swipe gives a natural glow.
  3. Best lipstick for college going girls or those who are new to lipsticks.
  4. Color range is too good and will make you feel young.
  5. I loved this color so much, I almost wear it daily.
  6. This shade will suit cool skin tones and whitish also. but will wash out darker ones.
  7. Shade is more light on lips than it appears in tube.
  1. Its so fragile and hot weather takes toll on lipstick.
  2. I somehow didn’t liked packing.
  3. It has weird taste that I hate to all extents, especially while eating you can feel taste.
  4. It is not transfer free.
  5. You have to re-apply it again and again.
  6. It can open in handbag easily.

Final verdict: Buy it if you want all shades and care for budget. Don’t buy it if you hate weird tasting lipsticks.

My rating: 2/5

Will I repurchase: No, I hate its taste.


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