Elle-May Leckenby: Fashion Ideas for Bike Enthusiasts

If you’re a bike enthusiast, I’m sure you can’t explain the pleasure when you’re pedaling so fast when the wind just glides through your hair as you watch the sunset. But have you ever find cycling the least fashionable outdoor activity? Then it’s time to be inspired by fashion whenever you’re riding your bike, walking into the fields, or strolling by the seashore.

From Queensland, Australia, Elle-May Leckenby is a style-savvy bike enthusiast known for her fashionable yet comfortable fashion style like wearing garments that just hang off her body and free flowing when she’s riding her bike. Aside from her laid-back style, Elle draws inspiration from a few different eras especially the 16-1800s’ modesty and details. Started her blog in 2009, Stylishells is a combination of her love of nature and her personal style as she always lived near the ocean front and it became a part of who she is.

tribal print mini dress

gray dress with combat boots feminine maxi dress classic bike outfit

If you’re thinking that wearing feminine dresses is just a hassle in your outdoor activity, then you’re wrong. All you need is an easy, breezy, beautiful dress that makes you look stylish and chic when riding your bike. The key is to balance fashion and function. Look for lighter fabrics to stay cool, and a looser dress will also be a lot easier to sit on a bike. Like Elle, you may slip on a comfortable maxi dress, a voluminous sundress, or an exotic print mini dress – just wear a cycling shorts to keep you covered while riding your bike.

mini skirt with graphic top crop top with miniskirt long skirt with crop top tartan skirt with fur coat

Skirts are a fashionable option too. You may opt for knee-length skirt paired with a crop top like Elle did. Just throw on a cardigan or sweater when baring your midriff seems too much for you. Also, you can wear a miniskirt if you like but just be sure to wear cycling shorts to keep you covered and comfortable when you’re riding your bike. If you’re exposing much skin, you’ll likely get burned so putting some sunscreen on your skin throughout the day protects you from burning or getting weird tan lines.

crop top with denim dress denim jumpsuit with graphic shirt denim pants with graphic top

Denim overalls and shortalls are a great casual wear for your outdoor activity. The good fit will give you comfort and the denim itself keeps your style trendy. Just look for looser fitting so the fabric won’t limit your movements when pedaling. You may go for a crop top, graphic top, and even button down shirt to pair with your overalls.

skinny jeans with graphic top

Wearing denim jeans gives you some protection from the heat, mud, and any foreign element when you’re out. Just look for stretchable denim fabric if you like some skinny fit, or opt for a looser fitting like flared pants, or boyfriend jeans. You may pair your jeans with a cozy sweater, basic tank, graphic tee and such.

crop top with shorts lace shorts with kimono top sweater with cute shorts

Wearing shorts are a more comfortable and sexier alternative to skirts. You may pick kimonos, sweaters, ponchos, flouncy blouses, button-down shirts, and such to team with your shorts. Like Elle, a crop top and shorts combination are a comfortable and sexy outfit to keep your moves flexible and at ease when cycling.

backpack with bike outfit boots with cute dress chunky platform bootsfedora hat with classic boots rattan tote bag

Versatile accessories like a backpack, comfortable boots, sunglasses, hats, sling bags, and tote bags are great options when you’re enjoying your outdoor activities. Since exposing yourself outdoors spending all day in the sun will inevitably leave you sweating and sunburned, covering your hair with a hat and your eyes with sunglasses is not only cute but actually helps protect your face from getting too much sun. As much as we all want to wear sandals with our feminine dresses, the muddy field will probably make that impossible. So, opt for darker colored sandals or boots. While rain boots are not a fashion-forward choice, they’ll still cover your feet in mud.

Fashion could be functional at the same time fashionable too. Just be playful mixing and matching your versatile pieces to stay chic and stylish when enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.


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