Elizabeth Morrow: The Art of Mixing Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns can be an excellent way of adding interest to your style and having pleasure with your outfit. Prints are uplifting and eye-catching, and one of the best means of creating a powerful sartorial statement is mixing prints in an outfit. They break the dullness, but also can be tough for some if wore in an impropriate manner. Discovering how to dress in mixed prints like a pro can be a little complicated, but as soon as you have the ideal source of inspiration, you might indulge into a quest of style, where you can explore your signature style of wearing various prints and patterns in one outfit.

Alaska-based style blogger, Elizabeth Morrow is recognized for her creative style of mixing and matching prints and patterns, feminine style without being too girly, and vintage-inspired style. Her blog, Delightfully Tacky, is the place where she shares her thoughts, creative ideas, journeys, lifestyle, and personal style. Her blog isn’t full of pricey designer pieces and she is just a typical girl with a remarkable sense of style. Elizabeth describes herself as “a little bit feminine and tomboy with a love for retro, craft, music, and things most often found in the ’70s.”

The most vital step in looking great when mixing prints is to understand what prints accent your figure. Find out your greatest and worst features to realize which spots to spotlight and which to cover up, as prints are likely to immediately pull attention to the spots featured. For instance, if you have broad hips and want to make them look reduced, stay away from prints that enhance and draw focus to that region, like horizontal stripes. On the other hand, if you have huge hips but a small bust, you may put horizontal stripes throughout your bust to balance things out.

Mix prints in the same color family.

black prints top and skirt

blue color prints top and skirt same color prints

To pull off fashionable mixed prints style, always pick prints and patterns in shades of the same color family to prevent them from clashing. By doing this, you can balance things out and maintain the look striking, yet not over-the-top. Although fabrics will have various prints on them, the color family provides a continuity that pulls the prints together. Match blue-colored prints with different hues of blue-colored prints, yellow with yellow, red with red and such. Start mixing prints and patterns with neutrals such as black. Whenever you feel more comfortable and skilled, you can start mixing colorful prints.

Mix the same kind of prints.

dots on dots prints floral on floral plaids on plaids

Though you are mixing it up, your prints and patterns must have something in common such as form or texture. Identical prints in different colors can make some fun distinction but will prevent your prints from clashing. Wear stripes on stripes, floral on floral, plaids on plaids, or dots on dots. The varied colors between prints that are identical will create interest. If you’re hesitant of this being too wild, try having some other print mixing tips like maintaining the two identical prints in the same color family.

Mix the prints in various scales.

chevron and dots dots and floral dots and plaids polka dots and checks varied print scales

An excellent way of making some parting between two prints is to play with the size of the patterns. Start working with less complicated prints, like stripes and polka dots and as soon as you feel more secure, you can go for bigger and more complicated prints. Take note of the fact that prints with some variation of scales look best together. For illustration, two big prints will look off, just as two little prints can look somehow dizzying. Therefore, prints and patterns of the identical size fight and appear out of balance, while a little pattern with a huge one results in a balanced ensemble.

Create distance between prints.

solid red top navy pants floral shoes

To play it safe with mixing prints and patterns, consider some distance between the patterned pieces you are sporting. For instance, you can dress in a printed top and maintain the rest of your outfit black and white and finish off your look with printed shoes. Wearing a drab color between prints are a great idea too. For example, wear a printed blazer over your plain top and pair it with a printed skirt.

Make a bit of interest with accessories.

printed scarf in yellow dress printed shoes and scarf

Accessories are the simplest way of mixing prints. You can opt for printed accessories such as hats, headbands, tights, scarves, belts, and shoes. For instance, wear a contrasting scarf to bring interest. Since most scarves have a print, it’s an effortless and uncomplicated means to have fun with mixing prints. You can match a scarf of the similar color on your outfit, or something understated.

Just go crazy in mixing wacky prints.

busy prints wacky prints blouse and skirt

It’s time to break the fashion rules. Prints are just patterns on fabric, so have fun with them and explore the endless possibilities of making your wardrobe shine.

Mixing prints and patterns is stylish, trendy and fun. At this point, you can go on and mix the prints and patterns you have chosen. Choices are endless, so have some pleasure and show off your print mixing skills!








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