Effective Styling Tips for Different Body Types

Certain styling tricks work for certain body types. What might work for a petite might not work for a tall lady. If you want to possess a look that’s effortless every single time, then make sure to follow these super effective styling tips for different body types.


If you are on the short side of things, you need not fret. You can look taller simply by following these styling tips for different body types:

  • Work with vertical lines. These lines direct the eye line from top to bottom, thereby making you look longer and leaner.
  • Choose clothes with slim-fitting bodices for a slimmer and sexier look.
  • Go for nude-colored clothes, as they can make your legs look longer and make you appear taller.
  • Another way to make your legs look longer is to opt for clothes with micro hemlines.

rachel bilson nude outfit

eva longoria mini shorts nicole ritchie striped pants mila kunis red dress


Height is might they say. While models and celebrities use this to their advantage, the wrong styling tricks can destroy your lean look. If you have a towering height, then make sure to follow these styling tips for different body types:

  • Don’t be afraid to wear heels as they can further elongate your long legs.
  • Emphasize your lean stature by wearing printed frocks.
  • Choose a deep V neckline as it can feminize your lanky frame.
  • Opt for horizontal lines, as they can complement your athletic body build.

taylor swift heels rosie whiteley printed outfit taylor swift striped top karlie kloss v neckline


You are very lucky to have been blessed with gracious curves. However, if you don’t mind the following styling tips for different body types, you can end up looking bigger than usual. With that being said, make sure to heed these fashion advices:

  • Put focus on your waist. You can do so with snug-fitting pieces and curve-enhancing belts.
  • If your hips are too curvy for your comfort, you can always balance it with a strong-shouldered top and flattering leggings.
  • A ruched sheath is your best friend; it can accentuate your curves while concealing your lumps along the way.
  • Another curve-enhancing piece to own is a skater dress, as its A-line skirt can emphasize your waist.

kim kardashian outfitmindy kaling belted dress


Beauty is definitely in the eye of beholder. It doesn’t matter if you are packing on some extra pounds as these styling tips for different body types can help you downsize your figure:

  • Wear black! This super-slimming color can make you look sexier instantly.
  • Go for A-line dresses, as they can put focus on your waist, which is the skimpiest part of your torso.
  • Brocade is your best friend, as the fabric’s tailored construct saves you from the agony of wearing shaping slim wear.

adele brocade dress rebel wilson black outfit rebel wilson a-line dress

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