Edgy Glam Style Inspiration from Emilija Vaišnoraitė

Getting an edgy glam style may be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to strike blance between the two opposing look. Mind behind the Fashion Whit blog, Emilija Vaišnoraitė, a fashion blogger and from Lithuania known for her edgy glam style in the streets of Belgium. In her blog, she documents her sartorial escapades, aesthetic perception, and impeccable style. If you wish to get that edgy glam style, keep on reading to scoop some of her tricks.

Start with glamorous accessories, preferably gold chain necklaces.

glamorous necklace with elegant outfit

gold necklace with brooch and edgy glam outfit gold chain necklace with classic white outfit and black tights

Every outfit will look glamorous with gold accent, so take advantage of chunky gold necklaces and brooches to add some flair to your style. Like Emilija, think of making your classic white corporate outfit look glamorous with unexpected strands of gold necklaces, while a pair of black tights makes it look edgy. Or, think of a gold brooch that you can wear on your outerwear like fur coats, structured vest, and even chic blazers. In the colder months, you may even make your typical leather trousers glamorous with a black fur coat teamed with studded leather gloves and gold necklaces.

Incorporate some grunge and edgy details on your look.

grunge dress with leather jacket spiked choker with grunge outfit plaid skie=rt with boho top and black tights

Whether it’s a spiked choker, doc marten boots, creepers, boho hat, black tights, or mercury sunglasses, a simple tweak can transform your outfit. Like Emilija, think of a pair of creepers that can make your basic black dress and leather jacket grunge-inspired while a gold chain necklace keeps it glamorous somehow. Or, think of wearing black tights when going for shorter dresses and miniskirts so you’ll make your style edgy strategically.

Add some glam to your outfits with classic coats.

doc marten boots with classic houndstooth coat black coat with edgy glam outfit printed outfit with black coat

Coats can dress up your outfits so keep an eye for glamorous ones. Like Emilija, think of a houndstooth print coat that will look glamorous when teamed with your edgy outfit of black tights and Doc Marten boots. Just balance your overall look with a Victorian-inspired choker and cap to make it a bit iconic. Also, classic coats, structured coats, and even neutral-colored coats can be great to dress up your style.

Fur coats and scarves will keep everything look glamorous and classy.

fur cape with black jeans fur coat with leather gloves and glamorous clutch fur coat with white skinny jeans and gold pumps

In the colder months, fur coats and scarves can be stylish and functional enough so have at least one of them that will be versatile to match with any of your outfits. Like Emilija, you may go for pastel colored fur coats that look more playful when worn with jeans, or opt for jewel toned to neutral colored ones that will add a classy spin to your style. Also, gold accents will look glamorous with fur coats and scarves. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to get that edgy glam look in no time.

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