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Easy Ways To Style your Bangs

How to Style Your Bangs In Quick Ways

Bangs give you a new look so fast. Hairstylists can tell what looks perfect for your shape. But have you gone crazy about your own and not so excited about them the next day? They may or may not prick you eyes but there are definitely ways to style them without having to stress much at all.  Make sure bangs are wet before styling as near dry hair is more difficult to handle.

1. Headband Solution. Yes,just put on an accessory and the bangs are effortlessly styled. The question is, which headband style? Hippie, Gossip Girl, and Sixties are the best ways to go. Even if you archenemy might tell you that headbands are so last year, you can just tell he to go get botox and wear what you want anyway.




2. Straight Bangs. Do you want a fringe or the thick look? Either way looks classy.  You can go from Anna Wintour’s banged bob to Taylor Swift’s thin fringe or way back to super thick vintage.





3. Side Twist. Obviously , all you have to d is twist you bangs to the side and voila, a hairstyle. Have a hairpin and hairspray secure your locks.



4. Glamorous Pompadour. The ancient queens, ladies and muses donned this look especially the French. Now you can revive it anytime with a pompadour size of your choice. Thin elastic band or strong hair clip will do. For long-staying volume, use hairspray and pull strands but not too much or they’d fall apart.



5. Middle Part. Make sure your bangs are already growing longer, as parted bangs look prettier when they’ve added much length.




6. Braided Crown. One way to look like royalty when you don’t really want to spend a lot on a hair stylist is to crown braid your locks. You can either include bangs in braid if they’re longer or leave bangs as they are and use a portion of hair for the braids.braid your bangs





8. Side Swept. Probably the easiest way to go and you can be classy, sassy or vavavoom in any angle. Good fo day or night or wherever you plan to go as well.