Easy Street Style Looks from Paola Alberdi

Street style is a means of showcasing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing. However, being expressive on your style doesn’t have to be complicated and high-maintenance. Mind behind the Blank Itinerary blog, Paola Alberdi is a style blogger known for her effortless yet pulled together looks on her street style. If you’re looking for inspiration to kick your  street style a bit while keeping it easy and chic, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from Paola.

Dress up your casual pieces with chic ensembles.

casual tee with wrap skirt and espadrilles

ripped jeans with chic ruffled top off shoulder top with suede skirt jeans with off shoulder top

If you’re a fan of casual tees and denim jeans, think of dressing them up with chic pieces may be an off-shoulder top or wrap skirts that will make your street style a bit chic. Like Paola, wear your striped button-down shirts in a modern and unexpected way just like wearing it in an off the shoulder way while letting the sleeves tied together to create a trendy look. This way, you’ll add some flair to your street style while keeping your looks easy, and maximizing your basic pieces on your wardrobe.

Resort to easy dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits.

flowy dress with gladiators shift dress with lace up sandals retro floral print jumpsuit off shoulder dress with cobalt blue sandals

If you’re not good at matching separates, going for easy dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits may be the easiest trick to look fashionable. Just go for flattering necklines and silhouettes that flatter your body shape and resort to non-crumpling fabrics so you can wear them anytime. Also, going for breezy fabrics that float away from your body look more effortless over body con and form-fitting ones. So, think of flared silhouettes, tent dresses, fit-and-flare dresses, full skirts, tent maxi dresses and such that will make you look stylish yet easy.

Go for a monochromatic look.

all black outfit with mules white outfit with trench coat striped vest with denim shorts monochromatic outfit with espadrilles

Whether you’re a fan of neutral palette or colorful shades, going for a monochromatic look is the most timeless and elegant way to look fashionable, especially if you’re not good at teaming great color combinations. Like Paola, you may resort to an all-black outfit but add some pop of color with a red clutch.

Finish your outfits with chic yet effortless accessories.

lugsole shoes with shirtdress jogger pants with chic top and hat colorful lace up sandals with eyelet dress burgundy shirtdress with casual belt

Looking easy on your street looks doesn’t have to mean plain and boring. So, dress up your looks a bit with some effortless yet chic accessories whether it’s a hat, a pair of trendy shoes, belts, sunglasses, strappy sandals, or lace-up flats. Like Paola, think of topping your casual outfit of jogger pants and off shoulder top with a fedora hat that will add some feminine touch to your street style without looking overdone. If wearing belts to your shapeless dresses might seem sophisticated enough, think of tying a jacket or shirt on your waist to add some effortless touch while adding some flair and shape to your silhouette.

Indeed, looking easy and chic on your street style is a means of looking fashion-forward while keeping your looks effortlessly chic.

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