Easy Spring Hairstyles You Need to Master

Spring hairstyles should be two things: cute and easy. With so many fun things to do and awesome places to go this spring, you wouldn’t want to waste a minute just styling your hair. But just because you won’t  be spending half a day doing your hair doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good. There are so many hairstyles you can do, even with very little time. Here are some easy spring hairstyles you need to master this season.

  • THE FISHTAIL BRAID – the fishtail braid is a must-know hairstyle for spring and summer. It’s super cute and super easy, too, and it’s great if you’re looking for something a little more interesting than the usual three-strand braid. Here is a video tutorial to walk you through.

fishtail braid on the side

fishtail braid

  • SOCKLESS SOCK BUN – the sock bun is a really great way to get your hair out of the way, especially when you know you have a busy day ahead of you. However, don’t you think it’s a little too ‘stuffy’ for such a fun time like spring? Why not go sockless? You can achieve the same fullness but with a bit more of a laid back look. Here’s how.

sockless sock bun sockless sock bun look

  • TUCK AND COVER – the tuck and cover hairstyle is perfect for those of you who are look for easy but super fab ‘dos that you can make with your hair to give it that nice, fun and flirty spring time vibe. It’s very girly and you can tweak it however you want to give it a personal touch. If you’re looking for an updo that will help you achieve a cute and girly look that’s quick and easy, try the tuck and cover.

tuck and cover side view tuck and cover tutorial

  • BRAIDED FLOWER – the braided flower is a great alternative to having actual flowers in your hair. At a glance, it may seem like it’s super complicated and difficult to do but it’s actually really easy since it’s basically just a braided strip of hair coiled up to form a flower. Here’s a tutorial to give you a glimpse of how it’s done.

braided rosette

  • THE ARIANA GRANDE – Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle is a perfect ‘do for spring. That high ponytail / half ponytail with flirty curls right down the ends will look so pretty with a cute little sundress or even at the beach when you’re rocking that bikini. It’s simple, it’s easy and it takes no more than 5 minutes to do. If you have really long hair, this is a great spring hairstyle for you.

ariana grande ari g hair

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