Easy Hairstyle Tutorials

Looking great and having the best hair in town is not too much of a challenge as we have found some easy hairstyle tutorials that you might like.You only have to ask yourself where you’re going and what you’re wearing. To help you pick the right do, we’ve got sophisticated and laid back hairstyles for you to choose from.

1. The Pretty Tuck. It’s glamorously vintage but appropriate for any age. Another way to put your hair up is this easy and regal style that wouldn’t take too much of your time.



2. The Braided Chignon. Who says chignons are for models and princesses only? All women have the right to a classy updo and if you want it, you’ll get it as easy as you follow these quick steps.


3. The Center-Part Side Wave. If you don’t want an updo but still opt for something chic yet more relaxed, choose a ladylike side wave.


4. The Braided Buns. Now who loves hot buns? Although not edible, they sure look great at the back of your head.



5. The Braided Locks. Feeling hippie? It’s perfectly feminine and you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up when it does. This hairstyle was made to make a fuss and all you have to do is relax and enjoy it together with your outfit.



6. The Royal Buns. Two in one is always a privilege especially on one’s head. try this special hairstyle for a new upgrade on that usual bun.




8. The Retro Fishtail. This is mermaid type hairstyle gone contemporary as locks are worn in an updo instead of being left down.


9. The Slightly Bardot . We all know Brigitte Bardot’s big, volumey hairstyle. For the winter holidays, we’re letting it back down a little for a simpler appeal.


10. The Party Updo. Modelesque is the new do when it comes to shindig hairstyles of the modern times. Nevermind if there’s a lot of old school inspiration because the older it gets, the hotter it looks. Got bobby pins and hairspray? All the braids, buns and beehives are waiting for you.


11. The Long Hair Twist. Any half-updo looks good as long as you neatly brush, twist, and pin hair into place.