Easy DIY Flower Crown Tutorial

Flower crowns are super popular for summer this year, you’ll see them everywhere! One of the best places to spot and sport the most gorgeous of flower crowns is at summer music festivals. Because they’re so popular, you can get them pretty much anywhere and everywhere including your local malls as well as from online stores. However, if you’re someone who likes to get crafty or if you’re simply the practical fashionista who would rather make things than buy them whenever possible, a flower crown may be something that you can consider DIYing. If you’re interested, read on and check out this easy peasy DIY flower crown tutorial.

summer flower crown tutorial variation

step by step how to flower crown flower crown variation tutorial

  • Prepare what you need – there are only a few things you’ll be needing to create your flower crown. Here’s a quick list of what you need to get ready before you start this cute fashion DIY:

Crown base – this can be either fabric or wire, depending on how you plan to wear your flower crown.

Fake flowers – you can choose to keep it strictly made of flowers or you can also add leaves and other ‘greens’. It would be better if you could choose those with wired stems so wrapping them around your base is easier.

Floral tape – you will need this to tape your flowers’ stems to the base so that the ends are nicely tucked instead of sticking out.

Scissors / Pliers – something to cut your crown base with. Your choice will depend on what kind of crown base you decide to use.

Ribbons – These will come in handy when you start wrapping your crown base to make it look prettier. To keep the ‘natural’ look, go for an earthy colored ribbon.

  • Form your base – measure how much material you need by wrapping your crown base of choice around your head. Make sure you have enough to go around your head and a bit more for looping later when you tie / close it. Wrap it with ribbons.
  • Attach the flowers – now that you have formed your base, you can start building your flower crown. Cut the fake flowers’ stems and leave about 5 to 7 inches then start to wrap the stems around one by one until you have a full crown. Use floral tape to tape the stems to the base so they don’t stick out and poke your head when you wear them. You can go all the way around or you can simply do the front. I find that wrapping the ‘stems’ around your base secures the flowers more compared to hot-gluing them on. That’s another option, though.
  • Finish up – now that you have your flower crown assembled, it’s time to finish up. If there are any wires from the flower stems sticking out, trim and tape them. If you’ve decided to decorate half of your base, wrap the naked half with another layer of ribbons and you’re done!

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