E.l.f. Plumping Lip Glaze In Fuschia Review

Second review from my E.l.f. box is the plumping lip glaze in colour Fuschia fanatic.
On one side there is a clear liquid that smells and taste of mint – this is the plumping liquid and should be put on under the coloured gloss which is on the other side of the bottle. The plumping liquid feels like a gloss which isn’t drying like some other plumping lip products, but it does sting just like other brands with mint or cinnamon as the active plumping ingredient. 

1 E.l.f. Plumping lip glaze


When it tingles it feels like it’s working because it slightly numbs your lips, and this is what I thought it did, but when I took pictures I couldn’t really see a difference at all – not more than any other gloss will do. I guess it’s a bit like when you’ve been to the dentist and had a numbing shot, you think your face is massive when no one else can see what you’re on about.
The one positive effect was the colour. I thought it might be too pink when I saw the bottle but it came on in a really subtle shade. Plus, the mint scent is kind of fresh too.

2 elf lip plumper

The plumping lip glaze costs £1.50 which is still low enough for just the gloss part!
Get it Here.