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e.l.f Makeup Lock & Seal Review

If you’re a keen follower of my little old blog, thanks if you are, you’ll have seen my post on Lipcote. I said on that post that I wanted to find more “sealers” to help seal my makeup. I then found this Makeup Lock & Seal by e.l.f (eyes lips face). I recently placed a pretty large order with e.l.f and this was one of them! This little beauty was £3.75, so for that little price I knew it was worth a try.

elf makeup lock and seal

I found that it does work! Its definitely not a miracle product by any means whatsoever, but its not too bad. When applied after lipstick, it does seal it, but nowhere near as much as Lipcote but on the eyes it really does help keep my eye makeup in place. I normally apply apply my eyeshadow/eyeliner/mascara as usual, then wait for it all to dry and set then use the brush in the set to gently pat my makeup down. The set includes the bottle of “lock and seal”, a little tub to apply the drops in to and a brush. All you need is a couple of drops to seal it, which hopefully means the little tub will last a long time. I didn’t use an eyelid primer before using the Lock & Seal, so for it to last an extra couple of hours before beginning to wear off. Bear in mind that I don’t particularlly use expensive makeup!

I’ve started to use this every day and have seen the improvements of my makeup by using it. I have realised that I want to look into buying more sealers, I know theres a world out there! Do you own this or any kind of makeup sealers?