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E.L.F 32 Piece Natural Palette Review

A wonderful day to everyone!

I thought I would do a review on a product that I just recently picked up this week at Target, and it is the 32 Piece Natural Palette from E.L.F Cosmetics.
As you know, I really do enjoy E.L.F products, and I own quite a few. They are a great way to build your collection in an affordable way, or if you already have a large collection, to add some fun things without breaking the bank.

When I saw this palette, I thought it would be great to try out, especially seeing as how neutrals are in such a high demand. This palette is a great mix of neutrals and a few fun colors thrown in.
I’m pleased with the palette, however there are some negatives, and I’ll let you know all about those as well.

1 Natural Palette from E.L.F Cosmetics.

I’ll start off with the packaging –
First of all, it’s very sleek and professional, it doesn’t look too cheap for only being $4.99.
However, I assumed that every single color in the palette was neutral, and it’s not, there are some purples and blues thrown in but you can’t see them because the windows only allow you to see the first couple of rows.
This palette is so hard to open, it’s almost frustrating. I had to dig my nail into the crack and pry it open. I’m much more fond of Coastal Scents palettes or M.A.C palettes that have a little button you can push in to open the palette easily.


As you can see, the first three rows are a wide variety of neutrals, then we have some really unusual colors thrown in, including lavenders, blues and dark fuchsias and purples.
A lot of the neutral colors in the first three rows are similar to those in the NAKED palette, and are obviously much more affordable. That was my main focus when I was purchasing this palette, finding affordable, easy alternatives to palettes that are in high demand.


As they are in any E.L.F palette or any larger palette that consists of a wide variety of colors, the shadows are somewhat small. Obviously it’s difficult to go through an entire eye shadow, especially if this isn’t your only palette or choice of colors in your collection.
I really love the range of colors, there are many shimmery shadows, as well as matte and then a few with some chunky glitter for a fun night out.

4 pigmentation

As far as pigmentation goes, this is the only part I was slightly disapointed with. I had to really rub my fingers into these pans to get a good payoff. I feel like they would work much better if you work with them wet. If you chose to do them dry, you’re going to need a dense flat shader brush to really pack on the color.

The shadows that have a bit more glitter to them have the worst color payoff ever, so if you plan on buying this palette because you’re attracted to the colors with the chunky reflects, I wouldn’t suggest purchasing.
The normal colors, as you can see by the swatches, like the pearly white and slightly shimmery fucshia have a decent color payoff and would make some excellent shades to work with.

Overall, it’s $4.99, it’s not a waste of money. There are definitely colors in this palette that you can work with and create something beautiful, but if you’re looking for quality over anything, you might want to stick to the other drugstore brands or high-end products.

What are your thoughts about the E.L.F Palette?
Would you be interested in some looks with this palette?

Any further questions or comments, leave them down below!