Dungaree outfit idea

You put my love on top.

I bring you this (not quite) life-changing news as I chomp down on a particularly heavenly toffee-apple flavoured muffin after a particularly long but beautiful bike ride. I feel like it’s been six hundred odd years since we last saw rain, not that I’m complaining, and my outfits seem to be making the most out of the sunny weather. It’s no surprise to you that my infamous dungarees made a reappearance in the sun today. Dungaree and top
Tee: Primark £4.00
Dungarees: Newlook £22.99Dungaree outfit


Legs alert! Legs alert! Legs alert! If there was one part of my body I would change, it would be my legs, without a shadow of doubt. For all I get them out quite a bit on the blog, I despise them. Right, carry on. 
Ah, my good old friend Dungaree. Ridiculously comfortable, oh-so stylish (well…) and super versatile, you simply cannot go wrong with them (read: they can, and have gone, oh-so wrong previously, but let’s just ignore that slight mishap). Because I wasn’t doing much – and by much, I mean nothing – I slung on this cute printed heart t-shirt that I simply love, and shimmied my way into the world. Almost.denim Dungaree



If you saw my post either on Twitter or on Instagram, you’ll know that I am taking the metaphorical bull by the metaphorical horns and setting up my YouTube account again. I did used to make fashion & beauty related videos, but my anxiety made it difficult to cope with the fact that I was up on the Interwebs.
Here is a few dungaree outfit ideas for you :dungaree outfitcute Dungaree outfitdenim dungaree shortsdungaree shorts
I’m going to give it another shot, though, so leave a comment below for any video requests! 


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