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Du Wop Lip Venom Review

Hi pretty ladies! So here is my Du Wop Lip Venom Review!

I first encountered Lip Venom back in 2005 before they were even fashionable. I was working in Greece as a Spa Therapist and my friend Claire bought some from our local Sephora shop, needless to say we both loved it and always had a stash of it nearby! Stupidly, I didnt think too bring a supply of it home with me, so when I ran out and couldnt find anymore in the UK I just moved onto something else.


Du Wop Lip Venom

Then last Easter when I went to NYC with my sister we visited many of the countless Sephoras they have and lo and behold there it was! I stocked up on plenty of it, and am now on my last one 🙁


Du Wop Pink Shimmer Lip Venom

I love this gloss, its quite sticky in texture and yes it does make your lips rather tingly but it actually works at making your lips appear more…. pouty?! lol! I usually wear it over my BM Beauty Nude gloss as I find nude lips very low maintenance. Below is a picture of me wearing BM Beauty’s Nude lip gloss (one of my all time faves!)


me wearing BM Beauty’s Nude lip gloss

And then below with the Lip Venom on top, I think it really makes them appear fuller, and is a great alternative to collagen fillers in my opinion!


with the Lip Venom on top

Unfortunately, Sephora have no intention of returning to the UK any time soon, so for now I’ll have to make do with buying it online. DuWop arent BUAV approved but they do carry the cruelty free logo!
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