Drugstore foundation review : Revlon ,Amay , L’oreal , Maybelline

Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying their weekend so far! It’s poo outside today, raining again. I think I’m in denial that it’s fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall, I like it better than summer. I think I’m in denial that everything moving so fast and that Halloween’s on it’s way and that Christmas stuff is selling in stores already.

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Okay moving on…another review on foundations. This one is, as the title states, on drugstore foundations.  Wwhat is the best drugstore foundation ? Now I definitely haven’t tried as many drugstore foundations as I have department store/name brand foundations. The first reason for that is most of the foundations I have tried are usually too pink for me (Covergirl anyone?? Have you taken a look at those bottles…you can’t forget us yellow-toned people!) The other reason I haven’t tried as many is because I was pretty much seasoned that way.

My first lipgloss that I owned, that was bought specifically for me (no hand me downs from mom) that wasn’t just a lip balm was a Shiseido one. In lipstick form. I was 10. All the girls used to ask me to whip it out during recess so they could all ooh and ahh over it. Weird memory hey?

Then I started wearing makeup in early highschool and my mom took me over to The Bay (the oldest department store in Canada…actually it’s older than Canada itself) and walked me straight into MAC and got the girls to give me a makeover. I was stoked when she let me grab a lipstick (mocha), a cream colour base (lavender), full coverage foundation (to use as concealer), a studio fix powder, eyeshadow to use as both brow powder and eyeliner and some brushes (blush, eyeshadow brush and eyeliner/brow). WOW. That was a haul even by today’s standards. She created a monster. Now don’t think I was spoiled rotten, I was spoiled, but just not rotten. Hey what can I say, she had 2 boys and I was the youngest…AND she waited 12 years for me to come along.

I think she was trying to help me feel more confident in highschool (when you’re probably your most awkward) cuz I started to get hyperpigmentation spots on my cheeks and I was really self-conscious of them…she has them too, so she knows. And now I help her with her makeup…full circle hey?

Okay, totally off on a tangent there…But let’s just say that because of my mom, I have lots to share with you. Another reason I’m not so much a fan of drugstore foundation is that there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to yellow-based foundation which is what I need. They’ve gotten better more recently, but it’s still a bit of a struggle finding the right shade.

Anyway, here we go (the points under the foundation name is mostly what I got from their websites…with my opinion underneath):

1. Revlon Custom Creations foundation:
-offers 5 shades in one bottle
-lightweight formula
-spf 15
-6 different shades/bottles to choose fromRevlon Custom Creations foundation review

My take on this foundation:
Okay, so you know that commercial where gorgeous (but completely boring) Jessica Alba tells us basically to fawk off this is her shade? Well, that’s fine by me. She can keep it. I’m definitely not a fan of this foundation. I was excited at the thought of a foundation that I can get different shades with since, if you’ve been reading my posts, you know I ususally require more than one shade of foundation for my super uneven skintone. Plus, my tan is transitioning from the summer months…it’s gradual and annoying. But what I really wanted to try with this foundation is if it would work with my warm skintone cuz yah you can mix, but if you’re warm, you’re warm. You don’t want to mix with cool. And vice versa…so how can this foundation be right for everyone? Now if you’re neutral, you may be in luck. So I wanted this foundation to dispel that thought and it totally didn’t. It was waaaay too pink for me. I’ve read a lot of reviews on makeup alley saying that it matched their olive skin well, but I just couldn’t get it to work for me. And it was annoying that you have to waste a pump of foundation between switching shades (to get the last bit of the former foundation out of the pump.) On top of that, the formula seemed drying and it dried quickly leaving you kind of splotchy if you’re not careful. The coverage was sub-par and in the time I was testing to find my colour (15 mins) the foundation I had applied had simply dissipated into thin air. So…you’d definitely need a setting powder and you’d need to work superhero fast, I wouldn’t know, I didn’t keep it that long. Good thing I got it at walmart cuz they took it back and gave me my $19…YES. $19 canadian dollars with taxes. It’s only $1.83 more for me to get a MAC sff (I have a pro discount which is why I do have a lot of mufe and mac foundations). Will never ever repurchase. Don’t worry Jess, your foundation is safe.

2. Almay Smart Shade Makeup:
-“shade-sensing technology starts out white and adjusts to right”
-anti-oxidant blend of grape seed, ginseng, and ginko biloba

Almay Smart Shade Makeup review
My take on this foundation:
Adjusts to right? That’s what sold me. But unfortunately after trying it, I wasn’t sold. I bought this in medium which I think was the darkest shade (how can you use the word medium, as in middle, as your darkest shade??) But oddly enough it was too dark for me. In a weird, grayish way. I looked dead. It starts out white with these little balls of gray in it and when you apply it to your face, you notice that it starts to blend into a shade. I tried to shake it really well in an effort to evenly distribute the little gray balls in the packaging so not a ton of them would come out of the tube…I figured maybe this way it wouldn’t be too dark, but it was the same. I wouldn’t say it’s very smart makeup and it obviously doesn’t adjust since it was not a good shade for me. The coverage was more like a tinted moisutizer so if you’ve got a lot to cover, this won’t do it for you. I found that it left my skin feeling thick and sticky. Ew. I wouldn’t repurchase this one again either.

3. L’oreal True Match Super Blendable liquid foundation:
-comes in warm, neutral and cool shades
-no oils, fragrances, or pore clogging fillers
-spf 17
L'oreal True Match Super Blendable liquid foundation review
My take on this foundation:
Um, it’s okay. A lot better than the first 2 anway. I had to retry it again recently prior to posting this just to give my mind a refresher on how it perfomed. I would say probaby light to medium coverage depending on how you apply it. I find that it can stick to your dry patches a bit more than the average foundation if you’ve got them. The colour selection is great, but I still find that the darkest warm shade available in Canada, is still a touch too light for me after the summer sun and I know I’m not the darkest person I know. The warm foundation in my shade just a hair pink for my face. Not too noticeable though, only to very picky little me. My biggest issue with this one is that it does oxidize and it’s left me with a much more dark and orange face after a few hours. Not cute. I used to use this a year ago and recently tried it again a couple of months ago. I think that it worked a lot better for me the first time around, so I don’t know what’s changed. Probably my skin. So in my humble opinion, it’s all right. I will not be repurchasing this one again though because I’ve found other drugstore foundations that I think perform better for me.

4. L’oreal True Match Super Blendable compact makeup:
-meant to match your skin’s tone and texture
-feels like a liquid, but travels like a compact
-weightless feel
-never greasy, never cakey
-no oils, no pore-clogging fillers
-natural finish
-light-medium coverage
L'oreal True Match Super Blendable compact makeup review

My take on this foundation:
Not great as far as cream foundations go. They go on about how it feels like a liquid, blends like a liquid…why not just get a liquid then? It doesn’t have a lot of coverage, not like you would think a cream foundation would have. You have to be careful to really blend this out or you’ll be left with streaks on your face and you really need to be careful to blend into the hairline. I just noticed that’s where it seemed to be the most noticable on me. Seems chalky to me and it doesn’t seem to have much staying power at all for me either. Also, looks are deceiving with the colours offered, it does apply a lot lighter than it looks in the compact about 2 shades. Meh, I pass.

5. Maybelline Superstay 24 hr makeup:
-stays comfortable and looks naturally flawless all day
-Micro-Flex formula provides 24-hour wear and no transfer
-withstands heat, sweat and humidity
-oil-free, dermatologist tested, fragrance freeMaybelline Superstay 24 hr makeup review

My take on this foundation:
Okay peeps, this is where it starts looking up! I bet you thought I was just being snotty with the DS foundations 😉 For me this was a medium to full coverage foundation. It covered well, felt good on my dry skin (it is a bit of a thicker formula, think MAC SFF) and better yet? It stayed put. This has some serious staying power. I thought I would test it by not powdering it (I have done this probably like 3 times in my life) and it didn’t move so I was extremely happy about that. I think that the more of this foundation you apply in layers though, the more dewy your skin looks…bordering on oily looking though, so if you like to layer, you might want to use a powder anyway. Also, this foundation gives you a lot of time to work with it. You don’t feel rushed to blend everything in since it doesn’t dry too quickly. What I’m not happy about with this foundation is that the poor colour selection. The shade that works best for me in this foundation is too pink. And it’s really noticeable, not just to me I’d imagine. So come Maybelline, get out of the 80’s. Pink makeup doesn’t suit everyone! But for those of you who have pink-based skin or for those of you who can find their match and who are looking for decent coverage, this could work for you. Another downfall is that I get some oxidation when I use a thicker moisturizer…maybe it’s the oils in it? Although it’s not going to work for me since I don’t have a colour that matches me, I think it gives great coverage and lasts all day.

6. Revlon Colorstay foundation in Combination/Oily skin:
-oil-free formula helps to control oil all day
-SoftFlexColorstay formula helps keep makeup looking fresh for 16 hours
-medium to full coverage
-spf 6 (except in certain colours…check website for list of colours)

Revlon Colorstay foundation in Combination Oily skin
My take on this foundation:
So this foundation comes in 3 formulas: normal/dry skin, combination/oily skin and active light makeup. The formula I tried was for combo/oily skin. The reason I tried this formula is because I found a list that compares the colours to MAC colours and it was easier to match my colour that way. What I find kind of weird is that some of the colours in the combo/oily line may have the same names as the ones in the normal/dry line, but the colours are way off. If I remember correctly, some colours in the normal/dry line run a lot darker. Moving on, I actually really like this. I think that out of all the ones I tried, this is the one I would stick with. I’d heard from many yt’s and bloggers about this and I almost didn’t want to believe the hype and until more recently I didn’t. I didn’t have stellar results the first time I tried it. I didn’t think that the foundation had a lot of coverage the first time around. I felt like I could get a lot more coverage out of MAC’s SFF although I kept hearing how they were comparable, but then I learned how to apply it in a way that worked for me (I will be making a post on foundation application soon). I’ve been wearing it the past few days without a setting powder and I really like the way it makes my skin look and best of all, it stays put. It’s got a much thinner, runnier consistencey than the Maybelline Superstay foundation, but it doesn’t compromise it’s coverage. I like that Revlon offers a lot of colour choices and that I actually managed to find 2 that work well for me (a darker one for my cheeks and forehead so I don’t look ashy up there and a lighter colour for my jawline to blend into my neck). Yup, I wore this foundation with a really thick moisturizer to try to test how it kept up with the oilies and it did a really great job. Yet it didn’t feel dry on my dry skin, which surpried me…I thought it would strip all the oils in my skin since it’s meant for oilier skin types. Yay, Revlon Colorstay!

Okay, I know I didn’t have nearly as many drugstore foundation reviews as I had name brand reviews, but I hope it helps all the same. Have a good night guys!