Dr Lewinn’s Renunail Nail Strengthener and Nourishing Oil Review

Weak, peeling, or brittle nails..?

Then look no further! I have discovered the two best products in my opinion for my nails, I don’t have weak or thin nails by any means, but they are extremely prone to peeling and not even a crystal nail file seems to be solving the issue.

On one of my daily Internet searches for products that claim to stop your nails from peeling, I came across these:

Dr Lewinn's Renunail  Nail Strengthener and Nourishing Oil

Dr. Lewinns Renunail

Basically the one on the left is the nail strengthener and the one on the right is the nourishing oil.
I touched on these products lightly in a previous post, but I believe it needs a much more in depth review.

The price is a hefty one, with the strengthener coming in at a whopping £20 and the Nourishing oil being £10. The good thing is though, the Nail Strengthener is a 30ml bottle, so I honestly don’t mind paying for double the amount of a standard nail polish.

Dr. Lewinns states:
Helps restore nails damaged from nail extensions.
Eliminates peeling, flaking and chipping.
Promotes stronger, longer and healthier looking nails.
Fortified with Calcium.
Can be used as a base coat and/or top coat.
Double sized bottle (30mL).

I thought it sounded a little far fetched and I knew it was designed for people that have has acrylics on and have really damaged their nails, so clearly it must be fantastic just for peeling nails?! When I first applied this, I could feel it working deep down into my nails and I have to say it was a little uncomfortable for the first few days, but the dull pain dies down and my nails felt so strong, like stone… Honest!

Honestly my nails have never been in such great condition. The peeling has completely stopped, and to be honest it was becoming a real problem when it came to nail polish as my nail polishes would have lifted a layer of nail up with it! It made for really uneven and dry looking nail tips which caught on anything remotely resembling fabric or hair and I had to forget about growing my nails out. This nail strengthener can also be used as a base coat, and it does a great job!

Now with my wedding coming up I really want amazing nails so the nourishing oil is a great way to condition my nails and make sure the skin around them looks pristine and moisturised.

Dr Lewwins States:
Contains soothing oils and herbal extracts to moisturise and nourish cuticles and nails.
Vitamins A and E, strong anti-oxidants.
UV filters to protect from harmful rays of the sun.
Promotes healthy nail growth.

Key Ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil
Olive Fruit Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil

I have to say this oil really does work and I am so happy that I bought both of these products!

I would definitely recommend these if you have problems with peeling or brittle nails.. They are a complete life saver and a sure fire way for healthy looking nails!

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