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Dove Hair Therapy – Nourishing Oil Care review

Hello! Here is my review of Dove Hair Therapy – Nourishing Oil Care Express treatment conditioner :
Dove Hair Therapy - Nourishing Oil Care review
I’ve only used this Nourishing Oil Care conditioner twice and I’m completely sold. My hair was dry, brittle, unmanageable, knotty, disgusting, gross, any adjective to describe over-dyed hair fits perfectly with the state it was in. I managed to go from purple to blonde all by myself through a vigorous course of bleaching and permanent dyes, so as you can imagine it wasn’t looking its best.
I’d been sent a sample size of the new Dove range in an ASOS order a while back, and loved it, so was eager to try out the rest of the range. However I’ve also been trying to work my way through my overwhelming collection of beauty supplies, so had promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more. That was however until Vivianna did an excellent review on this product and let us know it was on offer at Boots at the moment for only £1.68!
The Nourishing Oil Care Express treatment  works like an intense conditioner. The paste, for look of a better word, is split into two; a white formula that works as a conditioner, and a golden formula that is an intense potion of all the nutrients your hair could ever need. I slap this on after shampooing my hair and leave it do work its magic while I do other shower-related chores, and then simply wash it off.
The Dove Hair Therapy  Nourishing Oil Care isn’t too heavy on your hair, which is often what I find some intense conditioners, so it doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. I’ve already gone back to Boots and bought two more of these beauties whilst they’re still on offer, I couldn’t recommend these more. My hair literally looked and felt like ratty hair extensions, and it is now back to it’s Goddess-like state before I reached for that dreaded bleach.