Double Braided Crown Tutorial

In the middle of summer , or pretty much any season of the year believe it or not , I always want a fresh , cute style , and braided hairstyles are absolutely a great part of that . I really like braids in a hairstyle simply because they add dimension , unique textures and a totally different appeal to your look .

So, I feel like I can be a princess on Star Wars with this double braided crown hair do  . Kind of a big deal. And guess what? You can to with this step by step double braided crown  tutorial! 🙂Double Braided Crown TutorialDouble Braided Crown
Basically, you’re going to make a part across the crown part of your head and pull that hair towards your face. Make a dutch braid around your whooooole head. It’s kind of difficult when you’re doing the back. Takes a lil’ practice, or if you have a sis/mom/friend with a pair of spare hands that’s good, too! Once you run out of hair, braid all the way to the end and wrap it back around in front and go ahead and bobby pin it down. Done and braid tutorial
Here is  a few  inspirational double braid  hairstyles for you ..
double braid updo
double braid hairstyle double braid hairstyle for long hair

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