Dorota Swies: Avant Garde in a Minimalist Style

If you’re feeling adventurous and wish to add some edge to your personal style, be inspired by the avant-garde way of dressing. Avant-garde style is a means of expressing and demonstrating all of the creativity and imagination of a wearer, making you the center of attention in any room you walk into. But if you want to be more simple, yet eye-catching, bring a twist by sticking to a minimalist style. Let’s have a style inspiration on how to nail this look.

Born in Europe, Dorota Swies is a designer, indie filmmaker, and a style blogger behind The Divinitus blog. Started her blog in 2008, she introduced an avant-garde fashion style in a minimalist approach. Her style is identified for a clean and modern look, reduced accessories and unnecessary fuzz, and preferred neutrals mostly black and white. It really takes a defined aesthetic to have an avant-garde, yet a minimalist style that is as consistently striking as Dorota’s.

coat and tulip skirt

draped dress draped skirt layering in black outfit structured black outfit

Her avant-garde style features perfect proportions, abstract cuts, textures, and volume. Since avant-garde brands are becoming more pricey, she explained that avant-garde doesn’t need to be exclusive or in a limited edition. As long as it’s innovative and high-quality, it fulfills its purpose. From the brands she wears, she hasn’t observed changes in quality yet, but loss great designs according to her. Like Dorota, know what suits you best. Focus not only on shapes and contrasting textures but also on fabric compositions and hues. You may add some dramatic details to your outfit by focusing on its structure like the drapes and pleats. Dorota treats her fashion style as a manifestation of art.

white dress in boots2. all black outfit boots all black outfit gray outfit minimalist black outfit all white outfit

Dorota also believes that minimalism should be more of a lifestyle that includes the simple style approach and authenticity. As a minimalist, she gravitates to monochromatic outfits of black or white, particularly to its fabric composition. She stated that black and white liberates her from all the surrounding noise and clutter. As we can see, her versatile items in her style consist of good coats and boots, also a pared down accessories collection mostly sunglasses, and plain rings.

orange lip color in black outfit green lip color in black outfit bold orange lip color blue lips color in black outfit

In contrast to Dorota’s clothing collection, which is mostly neutrals, she has an extensive colorful lipstick collection. She said in her interviews that lipstick is an easy path to an elegance that makes all black ensembles less flamboyant. As we can see in her photos, her favorite shades are in intense hues of red, orange, and pink. According to her, she likes the lipstick color in its full impact – mostly in matte, pale pastels, loud and opaque finish – so that the overall style can deliver the fashion statement without looking too overwhelming.

Avant-grade is more of a lifestyle than a seasonal trend to try out. Whether you wear a minimalist dress, go with a monochrome outfit, or wear a standout lip color, try a look that’s a little more extreme than your usual clothing styles. Express your own fashion rules, go avant-garde and a make a fashion statement.


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