Diy turban headband

It was love at first sight when I spotted these turban headbands or “turbands” by Cult Gaia. They’re a fun nod to the turbans of the 50’s and also an easy way to look dolled up when, in reality, you haven’t washed your hair in five days (or is it just me?). I especially appreciate anything that will keep all of this hair out of my face since I’m still in the seemingly never-ending process of growing out my bangs. These come in all kinds of fabrics and can be styled multiple ways, ranging in price from $47-150. The cotton ones are affordable . But I had a few days off  work and i  recreated  one at home. turban headbands

Thought I’d share this tutorial for the Cult Gaia-inspired “turband” I sewed up yesterday. I repurposed a secondhand dress I bought a few months ago, which gave me enough fabric to make two of these little beauties! DIY turban headband Diy turban headband tutorial:

This is one of those perfect DIY projects that takes very little time but looks really nice and I’ll definitely be wearing it over and over again. how to make wire turban headband
For this project you need:
Lightweight fabric – 85 cm x 20 cm (you can adjust the size according to your preferences)
Wire – I used 8mm thick wire
Wire Cutters
Thread – in coordinating color
Tape diy turban headband tutorial
Cut your fabric into an 85 x 20 cm rectangle and fold so that the top and bottom edges meet. Next, trim each end of the fabric at an upward angle. diy bow turban headband
Turn your fabric inside out, so that the wrong side of the fabric (the side that doesn’t have a pattern) is facing you and (by sewing machine or by hand) sew the edges together, leaving a 1 inch opening on one of the points. Now, bring your fabric through the opening so that the pattern is visible again. wire turban  headband
Cut 170 cm of wire, join the ends and twist them together (securing it with a little tape) to make a circle. Now, flatten your circle and insert the wire into your turban through the opening. Grab your needles and thread and sew the opening shut. diy dolly  bow headband
Et voila! You’ve made a Diy turban headband or a  turband. Wrap that sucker around your head and wear it with pride! I styled mine first with the ends pointing up, then switched to make a little rossette at the front (as pictured below). diy turbandturband

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