DIY Studded Denim Shorts

How to make Diy studded denim shorts :

DIY Studded shorts are one of the most covetable items in the fashion stores. Do you like embellishments? Are you fond of having blings and things on you clothes? Studs are one way to decorate any piece of clothing. Studs on shorts are the most fashionable this year. It doesn’t matter how short or how long the length is. You don’t even have to worry about how much it’s going to cost. Putting studs on shorts isn’t a difficult at all and you’d surely enjoy designing by whatever suits you style.

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Maybe you’d like to stud your shorts. Go for a DIY.  You’ll need these-

  • 1 Pair of shorts
  •  Studs
  • Pliers
  • Pencil

1. Place your shorts on a flat surface and using the pencil, dot where you want your studs.

2. Place studson top of the dots you made and pierce the prongs all the way through the fabric.

3. Bend all the prongs over with the pliers and crimp them down to make no bulk on the backside of your studs. Make sure nothing pokes or sticks out.

That’s how you place the studs until you’ve got them all where you want them.

How To Wear Studded Shorts? There are many ways. Be creative and have fun- these are the secrets to having a great sense of style. When you know what’s right for your body, it’s also an advantage for dressing well. If you want to keep it simple, put on a crisp white top or a light-colored blouse. It’s cool, casual and never over-the-top. minimize accessories as well for that plain finish.


Wear a long cover-up. it could be a cardigan, shawl, or sweater. It’s could to have the upper half covered while your shorts are as short as sin.


Are you into cop tops or tie-front tops? It’s a nice match for DIY studded shorts.



Rock and roll the supermodel way. If Kate Moss can pull off such a simple but tough chic outfit, so can you. Black leather is the secret.


Glamourous queen would surely wear gold studs on a black canvass and match it with a dark-hued blazer and plain white inside shirt. Worried about what shoes to wear as well? Anything from heels to embellished flats is welcome.


A jacket is the ultimate cover-up for studded shorts. Opt for a shoulder bag? It’s fabulous. Do wear printed tops beneath a plain jacket for a street chic look.


Basically here is 2 simple ways to make Diy studded shorts :

1) Hotfix studs ,nailheads or glass hotfix rhinestones  can be applied to denim with a household iron  :diy studded shorts

2)The old good manual way =)how to make diy studded shorts