DIY Lace Shorts

DIY Lace Shorts In Style


You’re not choosing DIY lace shorts to save more money. you’re wearing them because they’re in style. Of course, there’s nothing as musical to a fashionista’s ears than a great bargain. DIY items are more special and affordable. Have you tried making any piece of clothing on your own?

Here are some examples:






Making DIY lace shorts is not so hard and you might even find it fun and addictive. Yes, you might find yourself doing it over and over again until you end up with a collection.


What You’ll Need:

  • Plain shorts. It could be denim blue, colorful denim, or another fabric. Ask first before you experiment on lace trimmings with shorts.
  • White Lace Trim. Pick the most unique and the most dramatic looking lace you can find.
  • Straight Pins. They will help you put the lace in place as you sew.
  • Thread. White is best.
  • Needle. If you can choose one with a bigger eye, the better.
  • ​Scissor. Be careful with them.


See, you don’t need a fortune to buy materials. Now here are the easy steps to make your own gorgeous pair of lace shorts:

1. Grab your lace and your shorts to start working. Try to see if the colors are the same, but it would really be much nicer if the colors are contrasting. Anyway, just have those two things prepared.

2. Wrap some of the lace around the top perimeter of the shorts and make sure it’s covering the stretchy waist band. Once you’ve measured how much lace you need to wrap around, cut it.

3. Use scissors to cut two strips of of lace trim. Both strips should be long enough to wrap around each of the leg openings.

4.Use straight pins to fasten the trim around each leg opening.


5.Use a needle and thread, and sew the trim into each leg opening of the shorts. You can also sew lace on to the pockets or the waistline.


Be creative. If you think it looks good, go for it.White is very classy, chic, and cool as well.




Ombre looks good too.


How do you wear DIY lace shorts? Keep it simple. Nothing beats plain and chic. A top, belt, and boots could never go wrong.