DIY Ideas for Skirts

Whether you’re a sporty tomboy, an edgy rocker chick or a super girly girl, I’m sure there’s at least one skirt sitting in your closet somewhere in your closet. Skirts are perfect for any day. They’re cute and they’re super easy to style because they’re so simple plus they’re really versatile too. Not to mention, there are also a ton of styles to choose from. If you love skirts and you have a ton that you haven’t worn in a long while, check out these DIY ideas for skirts that will help you breathe new life into your old pieces.

  • CUT FRINGES IN IT – love the Boho look? A fringe skirt may just be what you need to tickle your fancy. DIY your own fringe skirt by taking an old skirt, cutting off the hem and cutting in fringes. You can do this freestyle or, if you want more uniform fringes, you can be more precise by using a measuring tool instead. Fringes are super cute and they’re perfect for fall so if you’re looking for a DIY project for the coming season, try this one out.

fringe skirt diy steps

fringe skirt and checkered top fringe and striped top

Here’s the tutorial.

  • SEW ON A LACE OVERLAY – lacey skirts are ultra chic and they’re perfect for those of you out there who love creating super girly outfits. There are two kinds of lace skirts that you can make: a sheer/see-through lace skirt or a skirt with a lace overlay. If you want something that’s sexy and a little racy, you might enjoy the former. If you’re looking for something chic and sweet, the latter is definitely for you. What’s more is that it’s super easy to do. Check out the step by step guide below.

lace skirt overlay with neon lace lace skirt outfit super femme lace skirt diy steps

Check out the tutorial

  • MAKE A SWEATER SKIRT – found an old sweater that you haven’t worn in forever? Instead of keeping it in your closet unused, why not turn it into a nice and cozy skirt that you can wear again for fall? Just layer it with tights underneath if your legs need extra warmth.

sweater skirt and denim shirt sweater skirt diy sweater skirt purple

Make your own sweater skirt with the help of this tutorial.

  • TURN IT INTO A DRESS – update your maxi skirt or any long skirt by turning it into a cute little dress. This requires a bit of sewing and, of course, accessorizing and it makes a great look for any casual day.

skirt dress jessica alba skirt dress

Check it out here.

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